Invader Proof Your Home

Invader Proof Your Home

We are all about keeping pests out, InvaderProof your home and stop the invasion of unwelcome pests. Our residential customers enjoy a fantastic pest control program we call InvaderProof, that does exactly that Invader Proofs Your Home and makes your house and... read more
Where Do Pests Go in the Winter?

Bark vs Desert Hairy Scorpion

Scorpions are a special fear for those of us who live in desert areas. They are the “bogeyman” insect of the Southwestern US. Movies have given them a bad name but they haven’t taught us much about these fascinating creatures. They won’t tell you which ones are truly... read more
How Many Scorpions Do I Have?

Scorpions and the Weather

You might ask, “why is the weather so important when you’re trying to predict scorpion behavior?” Excellent question! If you are a scorpion, you have been overwintering somewhere warm, and you don’t tend to move around a lot in the winter, because in order to survive... read more