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Where Do Pests Go in the Winter – Best time to Start an Annual Pest Control Service is Now

Where do pests go in the winter? I don’t see as many bugs in the winter. Let’s hold off on service for now. Oh, how many times have I heard that. Only to have the phone ring off the hook in February and March, with “Help, we have these bugs, they are everywhere! They seem like they are crawling out of the woodwork!

Well, in fact, maybe the pests are crawling out of the woodwork, or from inside the walls or under cabinetry even up in the attic, or from the garage, but the fact is you just thought because it was getting cold, and you weren’t seeing much, you might as well save some money and cancel service for 2 to 4 months.

Oops, Pests really don’t work that way.

In the pest control industry we call it overwintering. Everything, all life, prepares for the change in seasons. It might not be the same technique for everything, rodent (mammals), arachnids(spiders), Arthropods, (crawling insects) etc… all handle survival differently. Some pests are drawn to the heat, so obviously they want in your home or business for warmth. Others handle winter with their reproductive cycle and lay eggs, build cocoons, have babies, or simply slow their metabolism down to extend their life over the winter months. But almost all of this, is done in secret, but it is happening! They sneak inside and do their life cycle(s). Yes, you are right, you don’t see most of this. So out of sight, out of mind, let’s hold off, right? Your pest issues really begin and are noticeable upon the thaw, springtime, when the heat comes. Scorpions start moving, eggs start hatching, rodents have their litters (6 to 8 babies) all of which is now a major pest concern for you, and of course call the pest control company, get them out here NOW! So, we really believe in consistent maintenance service, not just to get your money, but truly to help contain upcoming pest issues. Biology is biology! It’s how it works.

In Pest Control, Consistency is Key

With consistent regular pest control service, much of this overwintering can be controlled and/or contained and generally at the maintenance rates. So not only can you avoid major pest infestations by maintaining your annual service, but you also can avoid new start up fees or clean out rates which can be as much as a third of your annual service fee. Keep in mind, where was that savings you thought you were getting when you suspended your service for the winter? Starting over costs just as much!

At the end of the day, it’s business!

On a business side of things, some of the factors we consider and maybe you didn’t know. Are our long-term customers, get priority on scheduling, the best days for them, locked in on prices, etc… when you get out of position by cancelling, we must fill the holes in the route, and may no longer have availability to give you that fixed time or day that you preferred (or worked so hard to get), that you had locked in before you suspended the service. Our prices are built by efficiency, we work to keep our routes tight and drive time to a minimum, and labor costs controlled. So, it is important to have consistency, and why we have “Regulars”. Everything else is built around our loyal customer. On demand services, as needed service, restarts, and emergency service is more costly because it is not planned. Our goal is to deliver a great service at a reasonable price and that happens best with our annual InvaderProof service plans along with effective communication with our customer. Working together is so important, having a blueprint or plan to go from keeps us all on the same page. We don’t talk about this much, but I think it is important for customers to understand that how professional companies handle the business end of service is important, and if done right, also protects the customer, delivers on value, and maintains a quality service with all guarantees in place.

We strive to deliver Five Star Service everyday, and running a tight ship is an important aspect of doing business well and helps maintain the CARE we provide to our customers. Start your annual service in winter and Save!