Our Mission

The mission of Invader Pest Management is turning Scary into Safe, Protecting People, Pets & Property one Pest at a time with CARE, Integrity, and Value for both our customers and employees. For almost 30 years, our company has been built on the foundation of integrity, attention to detail, and long-term commitment to provide protection, results, and peace of mind to our residential and commercial customers. We hire, train and expect our employees to “CARE”.

How We “CARE

For Our Customers

  • Customer service delivered with concern, friendliness, individual pride and the strongest company guarantees available for you.
  • Attitude that conveys concern, respect, and caring for you.
  • Reliability that you, your family, pets, and businesses can count on.
  • Experts at work for you.

For Our Employees:

  • Consistent, stable work environment with equal opportunity for learning & growth.
  • Above all – employees are provided concern, respect & a caring attitude they are expected to share with every Invader customer.
  • Respect family life – fairly balancing work reliability & family time.
  • Empowered to make decisions with trust and support.

Our Core Values

For Our Customers

  • The Experience – The way we make people feel. Exceeding our customers’ expectations brings joy to them and us.
  • We Obsess – Over our customers, not competitors.
  • Be The Good Samaritan – Always going above and beyond. Selfless acts of kindness make someone’s day. This defines you, you define us.
  • Embrace Change – Think big, innovate and simplify.
  • Have Fun – Laugh, smile, dance!
  • Enjoy our day – it’s never the same – make it great.
  • Always be Growing – Pursue growth & learning, there is tremendous opportunity ahead for all of us.
  • Unreasonably Selective – Hire and develop the best people possible.
  • Being Present – Connecting with transparency, dignity, and respect.
  • Speak the truth and face the facts. Build open and honest relationships through communication.
  • Set the Example – Make a Difference. Be the difference. Build a positive team and family spirit.
  • Integrity and good character start with honesty & humility – Do unto others as you would have done to you.
  • We are performance driven and value conscious!

Over 500 5-Star Reviews

Unbeatable Service Reputation