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What’s that on the floor? A thick clump of dust? Pet hair? But pet hair doesn’t skitter, does it? Is it…oh no, it’s a scorpion. This is the reverse of, “It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s Superman.” Instead of excitement, your heart plummets. How are scorpions getting into your home? And how can you protect those who are most susceptible to them: your children, older relatives, and even your pets? Is there a method of scorpion control that works? With over 30 types of scorpions in AZ, the following are the three you’re most likely to encounter:

Arizona Bark Scorpion – This guy’s the most dangerous here, as he’s the most harmful to human life. It’s a longer, slender scorpion with elongated pincers and tail. You’re not going to like this, but the Arizona bark scorpion loves to climb – indoors or outside. You might find him at head height. Worse yet, they like to hang upside down, under objects. Slide out a desk drawer or pick up an object from the underside, and you might get a series of stings before you even realize what’s happening.types of scorpions in AZ Invader Pest Control

The Arizona bark scorpion likes cooler, moister areas and air movement – making it a big fan of homes. Unlike most scorpions, they won’t chase each other off, so where there’s one, there could be more.

Desert Hairy Scorpion – Also called the giant hairy scorpion, this one comes up to half a foot long. The desert hairy scorpion likes to burrow, so it’s less likely in homes. Its sting is painful, but rarely life-threatening.

Stripe Tailed Scorpion – This is the most common scorpion, though you’ll typically only find this one at night. It’s stouter and darker – only 2 inches in length with ridges on the underside that run down its length. More of a nuisance than a true danger, it can still pose a painful sting and put children and pets at risk.

The key to scorpion control is assessing where they’ve gotten in the home and sealing it off. There are easy ways to scorpion proof your home. Scorpion control and scorpion removal are done easily by the experts at Invader Pest, and best of all it takes the risk off of you or your loved ones.