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Scorpions are common in the southern and southwest regions of the United States. Most scorpions are not poisonous and their sting is similar to a bee’s sting. There are however, two species of scorpions that are poisonous and they are found in the southwestern states. It’s usually best to treat all scorpions as if they were poisonous though. There are certain things that can be done to keep scorpions out of your house – we discuss them below.

  • Sealing your house is the best way to keep scorpions out of your house. You should use caulk on cracks in the foundation, in gaps of your baseboard, around windows, and any cracks, no matter how small, where they could enter your house. scorpions coming inside homes invader pest management
  • Keep the area around your house clean and free from debris. Clean any area near your house where they can hide by eliminating piles of rocks, loose lumber, and any trash that is near your house. You should also keep your lawn and landscaping short and make certain that branches don’t hang over your house.
  • Make your home inhospitable to scorpions by denying them food, water, and most importantly, shelter. Since a scorpion’s diet is other insects, make certain that your house is free of them. You should fix any leaky pipes or faucets, remove pet water bowls at night, empty the sink and eliminate any other sources of water. Lastly, eliminate any clutter where they can find shelter, so don’t leave papers, dirty clothing, or any other clutter on the floor. You especially want to keep wet towels and clothing off the ground since they love moisture.
  • You can use insecticides to keep them out of your home. This can be done by the use of residential insecticides that are specifically made for scorpions. This should be administered in 3- to 9-foot bands around the perimeter of the house and at all entry points. You can also use insecticide dusts at all points of entry, such as cracks, electrical fittings, doors, windows, and any other source of potential entry.

Lastly, if you do see scorpions in your house and live in the Phoenix metropolitan area, then contact Invader Pest Management for Scorpion Control. We have experience and are very knowledgeable about protecting your home from unwanted critters.