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You might ask, “why is the weather so important when you’re trying to predict scorpion behavior?”

Excellent question!

If you are a scorpion, you have been overwintering somewhere warm, and you don’t tend to move around a lot in the winter, because in order to survive you slow down your metabolism to get through the colder months. And being that other insects (your food) are not readily available, there is not much to eat.

Warm Weather is Better

But fortunately, now that summer is coming, and the heat is pouring in, you will soon be very active, hunting and eating to your heart’s delight. Once nighttime lows are 76 degrees or more, it is perfect weather for you, and you can come and go as you please, hunting is good, all the pests are emerging. There is no shortage of prey!

Soon, you will be getting ready to have a new brood of baby scorpions!

So, those of you who find a scorpion inside your home over the next month or so, don’t be alarmed! They have probably had a very nice vacation inside your home all winter long— maybe inside a wall, under a box, or inside a shoe— but winter is over and it’s time to go! If they can get by you and escape your boot or box, they will endeavor to reproduce and come back again sometime soon.

You Have Treatment Options

If you prefer to not share your home with this little invader, Mrs. Scorpion, then you might want to call in the experts for some professional scorpion control. If you don’t, you might be sheltering up to 39 more little ones as soon as momma can wean her young ones and send them on their merry way!

Don’t be scared, just remember that this is Arizona— scorpions are native to our lands and are abundant here. While some may be scary and large, most are harmless. Don’t take scorpions for granted, they can be controlled with a little exclusion, habitat modification, and professional scorpion control.

Professional Scorpion Control Wherever You Are

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