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You have washed your sheets numerous times. You used bleach. You even bought some harsh-smelling spray from the store and sprayed it all over the affected area. You were determined to handle your bed bug problem without calling an exterminator. You might be asking yourself: “Why do they keep coming back? I’m as clean as I could possibly be. What is the problem?”

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

Bed bugs are like a sickness — they spread easily! Bed bugs travel from one location to another. It is common that you pick up bed bugs after going on vacation or visiting a new place and then bring them home in or on your suitcase without even knowing. Bed bugs can be found on clothes, furniture, and carpet among other places.

Is It Hard to Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are tricky creatures who, in the last few decades, have become resilient to even some of the toughest treatments. If you are only treating your bed with over the counter products, there is a good chance that you may be missing out on tons of other bed bugs that aren’t on your bed. Even if you have treated every possible affected area, there is still a good chance that your treatments have been unsuccessful because your product choice is not sufficient enough to kill all the bugs and their eggs.

Bed bug’s larvae often survives common eradication attempts and go on to repopulate the areas you just cleaned. And because bed bugs can spread so easily, one infested room can easily turn into several. This is why it’s very important to let a professional handle the bed bug removal process from the get-go.

The Danger of DIY Bed Bug Treatments

We often find that many DIY bed bug treatments are actually done incorrectly and can often be dangerous. Many people who try to do bed bug treatments themselves will sometimes choose an outdoor-only chemical from an improvement store and make a treatment inside their homes, bedrooms and even on the mattress they or their children will be sleeping on.


You could have a terrible reaction to pesticides if they are improperly applied, that is why we stress using a professional — not only are we good at what we do, but we also protect you by choosing and using the correct pest control products when spraying must be done.

Professional Bed Bug Removal

Why Do Bed Bugs Keep Coming Back?

There’s a few reasons bed bugs return after treating your home. For one, you could be visiting the same place that has a bed bug infestation that hasn’t been treated and bringing them back with you every time. If you continue to get bed bugs, think about the places you frequent and inspect that location for bed bugs. See if you notice any signs of a bed bug infestation.

However, the most common reason bed bugs come back is because you probably never fully got rid of them (and all of their eggs) to begin with. You can see living bed bugs with your eyes, but their eggs are not usually visible to the naked eye. What’s more, their eggs are usually buried deep in cracks and crevices, which chemical treatments can’t often penetrate. This is why the treatment method you choose is extremely important in minimizing the chances of a reoccurrence, because if you don’t eliminate all of the eggs, they will hatch weeks or months later and bed bugs will “come back” (even though they probably never really left!).

Have no fear, a bed bug treatment by a professional exterminator like Invader Pest Management can ensure all bed bugs and their eggs are eliminated and will NOT return.

How to Keep Bed Bugs From Coming Back

Utilize Heat to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Not only are heat treatments more effective than fumigation or other treatment options, but they are also better on the environment, your lungs, and overall health. Heat treatments for bed bugs consist of raising the temperature of the affected areas to levels that are lethal for bed bugs and their eggs. There are no chemicals used whatsoever, and no noxious fumes left in the air for you to breathe.

There are many benefits to utilzing heat to get rid of bed bugs, but one of the biggest is that you are able to go back to using your bed and furniture the very same day, and there is no need to wait for follow up chemical services 7 to 14 days later.

Get Help From Professional Bed Bug Exterminators

Here at Invader Pest Management, our combination bed bug heat treatments are so successful because they are highly effective at killing both adult bed bugs and their eggs, wiping out the chance of a re-infestation. This is something a do-it-yourself bed bug treatment can’t do. Until you are able to ensure that all the bed bugs and their eggs are gone, they will continue to come back and infest your home.

Bed bugs feed on your blood, so you will often see little reddish brown stains on your bed (or other pieces of furniture) and may see small bruises or bite marks on your body. It is a disgusting feeling to realize you were being fed on in your sleep. This does not have to continue. Call the professional bed bug exterminators at Invader Pest Management today at 623-888-8395.


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Bed bugs can feel like an expensive problem to treat. But they don’t have to be. When you choose Invader Pest Management, we can offer a professional inspection on all our bed bug treatments. We’ll help you diagnose the problem and figure out an effective solution that works for your family. We treat bed bugs in: