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In our humble opinion, winter time is the best time to choose your pest control company. Why, you ask?

Let me tell you 7 top reasons to choose your pest control company now.

  1. Lets first deal with the pests. As our night time temperatures drop dramatically and the day time still gets warm, it keeps the pests moving and constantly seeking warmth and harborage. That means they are coming inside your home or business. Obviously, they are more visible when found inside your home or business. You see them and you call a pest control professional. This definitely happens all year long, especially in peak bug season, but winter has a way of dropping the bugs right in front of you.
  2. While many crawling insects seem to have mysteriously disappeared because it is winter, other pests replace them. Rats and mice are very busy creatures in the winter. Termites are actually at their peak season through the winter. And it is the optimal time to do a preventative treatment for weeds before they sprout this spring.
  3. Another great reason for winter time services, is again the temperature. I’m talking about how hot it can be in the attic in the summer. Winter time allows for access to spots that are basically forbidding in our Arizona summers. This gives the professional an opportunity to take a better look without dying from heat related causes.
  4. Most importantly for you, the cost. Because the customer feels that out of sight is out of mind the general traffic for pest control services slows down in the winter. People are generally more apt to call when they are seeing lots of pests, even though pests are busy behinds the scenes and still need controlled, if people don’t think they need it, they are going to wait for a real pest problem to show up before they call. Pest control companies who understand the economics know that a lower winter start up rate is enticing to smart homeowners who realize that pest control services are year round in Phoenix, and there can be major start up savings in the winter.
  5. Invader Pest Management offers a great winter start up on it’s InvaderProof Services and you wont want to miss this opportunity to save money this year.
  6. One last thing, if you start up InvaderProof pest control services before next year, you can lock your monthly rates for one year. With rising costs, wouldn’t you like to know one thing will stay constant for at least the next year?
  7. The last thing for sure, take advantage of 2022 pricing on our website, it will go up on Jan 1st 2023. Savings is savings!