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Great question here in Phoenix, Arizona, when almost every summer day feels like a scorcher, most of us Phoenicians will say, “it’s hot enough”.

However, if you’re a bed bug, it may not be hot enough… That’s right, we need at least 122° for at least a couple hours to kill the bed bugs, and even on our hottest days, inside a structure it’s not going to reach an ambient temperature to sustain a level of heat hot enough to kill bed bugs. Now, out in your car, it will probably be hot enough and you could probably take advantage of any day over 105 degrees, and kill some bed bugs in your car, but getting your king size mattress in the car might be a bit difficult, and you might end up infesting the car too! Oops . . .

We perform thermal heat treatment for bed bug removal, and we generally maintain a constant temperature of 140 degrees for nearly an hour once we reach our desired temperature range. I know a lot of people who might think well I can heat this up myself, and let me tell you of the dangers caused by the do-it-yourselfer, such as the homes and apartment complexes that have caught on fire by people trying to do thermal heat treatment themselves. This is one job better left to the professional bed bug removal companies.

When you are ready to be done with bed bugs, Call Invader Pest Management for their Thermal Heat Treatment for bed bugs, it’s the best.