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As I was reading the news and notes from the industry and the insect world, I came across the Top 10 Worst Bed bug treatment methods. And while some of these may be somewhat humorous, for many people, bed bugs are no laughing matter.

  1. Rubbing Alcohol / Baking Soda – a combination of these two common substances applied to your mattress or sofa.
  2. Shutting the heat off – trying to freeze bed bugs in winter.
  3. WD-40 – it’s a lubricant not a pesticide. But there are those who use it for everything.
  4. Olive oil – trying to make your skin to slippery for the bed bug to climb.
  5. Do-it-Yourself pesticides – choosing an exterior pesticide, it’s not only dangerous, but ineffective against bed bugs.
  6. Night Light – trying to fool the bed bugs by leaving the lights on all night.
  7. Fire Extinguishers – leaves a real mess, but does not control bed bugs by freezing them.
  8. Bug Bombs – not effective for bed bugs, increased pressure can cause explosion.
  9. Sulfer – was used in the 18th century, however not suggested today, burning it can cause dangerous gases.
  10. The #1 worst treatment for bed bugs – Gasoline/kerosene. Using these products on the bed is a smelly situation, never mind the fire hazard – maybe this is where the Fire extinguisher comes in handy!

This information was gathered from PCO’s across the country, by Protect-A-Bed, a leading bed bug mattress encasement manufacturer and published in PCT magazine, a pest control industry trade magazine.

The number one BEST treatment method for bed bug control is calling a professional pest management company who specializes in bed bug treatment. Of course I’m biased and I recommend Invader Pest Management in the Phoenix area. Invader can be reached at 623-888-8395 for all your bed bug questions and bed bug control procedures including bed bug heat treatments