Need Help With Pest & Weed Control?
Let the Phoenix-Area's most trusted pest & weed control pros help.

Happy New Year! Do your resolutions, set goals, have dreams, and/or have large aspirations for the new year or even just a simple plan? Here is an easy plan that I suggest everyone make:

Let’s talk pests, I know not necessarily one of many people’s priorities, at least not until pest issues rear their little heads, then it’s a priority. But before you must deal with headaches that can seem to come from nowhere, especially when dealing with things like termites, rodents and all kinds of general pests like ants, spiders and nasty cockroaches, you could put a plan in place that would ensure you don’t have future issues with bugs, rodents and even weeds that get out of control.

That is right, you don’t need a resolution that will fail, goals that are hard to keep, and problems that get in the way of fulfilling your dreams and aspirations, what you need is a professional pest management company who has a “Plan”. With the right plan, you will have peace of mind when it comes to this essential maintenance aspect of home care, and time to do all the other things you really want to do.

Of course, there are lots of pest control companies out there, especially in a large metropolitan area like Phoenix, in fact over 1300 companies! How do you choose? That is such a great question, and it can be daunting to find the right company. In today’s economy, many of the larger companies are buying the medium sized companies, so you might be with a company today, and find out tomorrow you are now with another large “Branded” name company, maybe that’s ok, however if personal service, local ownership and management is important to you, then Big Branded, high priced companies might not be the direction you should take, no one likes to be just another number, and having to call corporate offices back East to try and get someone who has no idea of our local needs, it can be frustrating. Small companies might fit your bill, but unfortunately growing pains often limit the quality of service, their availability, especially in an emergency, the level of knowledge and the service types available, and you could end up needing 2 or three different companies to solve the pest, termite, weed, pigeons, scorpions and rodent issues that may arise and not all companies can do every kind of work and may not even be licensed or insured to perform them.

Obviously, I’m biased, I think you should choose my company, but not simply because I say so. Let me differentiate Invader Pest Management to the previous kinds of companies I have already wrote about. We are a Professional, locally owned and managed, fully licensed, insured and very stable pest, termite and weed control company, now serving Arizona since 1994, that’s 28 years, that in itself may not be the only reason to choose us, but when you see that we have over 250 five star reviews, and you can’t find any bad information on us… the Better Business Bureau has us listed as an Accredited A+ member since 2004, with no bad reviews, that’s pretty good. Now honestly, let me be the first to say, of course we are not perfect, we have made our mistakes, we have fought to solve a tough pest issue, and we have made a couple customers upset, but as a company we stand behind our work, as an owner, a local and active owner, I have physically been to our customers’ homes and business to make sure any issues were resolved, and my team of employees really do care, in fact our entire Mission is based on C.A.R.E. You don’t stay in business for nearly 3 decades without providing Special CARE for the customer, the employees and the community.

I think you should CARE who you choose to do your pest control services at your home, protecting you, your family and pets. Invader Pest Management has wonderful Pest Control Plans of which one will surely fit your exact needs, and you wont have to worry about the destruction that pests can cause or the headaches from finding a good company, or even the chiropractor for a sore back from pulling weeds in your yard, if you let us take care of your weed control too. Won’t you choose your plan today? Make it a great 2022!