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I think there is a song that says Some like it hot, Some like it cold, or something like that

Clearly not everybody likes it the same way. When it comes to beds, Not too Hard, Not too Soft, or our soup, again, Not to Hot, or not too cold, or even a chair, Not too big, maybe too small (it broke in the story) but in every case, we all want it, JUST RIGHT, that was the message that we all got as children from the Goldilocks fairy tales. Ultimately, Goldilocks woke up, saw three bears and screamed “HELP and ran away.

So, when it comes to pest control, what is JUST RIGHT? After providing pest control services for our customers for 28 years we have had a bit of time to see, well, just about everything, but still with the occasional shocking surprise when you think you saw it all, there is something new! Anyway, over the years, we have developed a fantastic service plan that can accommodate most customers needs when it comes to caring for their home protection from critters that can cause damage to the property, the family and even the pets.

You won’t have to run away or scream for help, because one of our InvaderProof services is going to be JUST RIGHT for you! The last thing you want is bedbugs in your bed, no matter how hard or soft it is, you certainly would scream if you found a bug in your soup, and nothing could be more upsetting than if the termites ate the leg of your favorite chair.
Some people simply want a basic InvaderProof plan that covers the general pests, keeps crawling insects from invading the house and is consistent. No fuss, just have it done regularly, easy payment plans, no scheduling hassles. You know great pest control service!

Others have a few serious pest issues

They want to make sure those are covered in the plan, such as our top two pests that make the phone ring the most, 1. Rodents, especially roof rats and mice and 2. Scorpions. These pests were the inspiration of our InvaderProof Plus plan that includes everything there needs to be done to control all the basics insects and bugs plus these two prevalent pests in the Phoenix Arizona area.

And many, want it all, and consider our InvaderProof Pro service to be JUST RIGHT. This premium service is designed to handle everything the other two packages have, but also includes termites. We have incorporated Sentricon into our pest control program and that allows us to have 365 days of active termite control always active and working to prevent termites along with the other services included in our PRO series, such as Ticks, Fleas and Mosquitoes.

No matter the Plan, one of them will be JUST RIGHT for you. The benefits for choosing Invader Pest Management is the ease of doing business with automated payments, easy to schedule service, and the strongest guarantees in the business, if Pests Come Back So Do We, for FREE!