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Stop Rodents From Making Your Home Theirs!

Rodents will quickly take advantage of any opportunity to nest in your home if you allow them. Mice can fit through a hole the size of a nickel, and they can smell food and water from far away. When they enter a home, they’re looking for food and water, and if they find it they’ll turn your home into their own. To make things worse, mice can have between 3-14 offspring in one litter, and 5-10 litters a year. When they come to your house they intend to stay!

Rodent Control in Arizona

Mouse eating crumbs

When rodents invade your home, your family needs instant relief. Reliability is a must when it comes to rodent control in Arizona, and time is a precious commodity. The longer you try DIY techniques to stop your rodent problems, the longer these pests will have time to multiply. While DIY techniques can sometimes help control a population, rarely will they actually eliminate an entire rodent infestation in a house.

Defense Against Diseases and Allergens

Protecting your family is your first priority, and here at Invader Pest, it’s ours too. Nothing is more important than keeping your family healthy, and with our rodent control services in the greater Phoenix area, you’ll be able to do just that. Rodents bring disease, viruses, and allergens into your house, threatening the health of your family. But the damage they cause won’t stop there. Rodents will chew on electrical wires, phone lines, internet cords, and will torment your family by scratching your ceilings and walls. Our Arizona rodent exterminators use 3 different techniques to eliminate rodents from your home for good:

  1. Baits
  2. Traps
  3. Exclusion

By baiting and trapping, we eliminate the existing rodent population around your home. However, to keep rats and mice from returning, you must seal off any points of entry around your home, and that's exactly what we do! A careful inspection of your property will allow us to easily identify and close the entry points.

Stop Roof Rats in Their Tracks

These sneaky rodents are a major nuisance in Arizona. Roof rats spend the majority of their lives over four feet off the ground. When you have a problem with root rats, you’ll typically find them in your attic or high up in a garage. To get from home to home, they can actually crawl along power lines – allowing them easy access to parts of your home where you don’t typically find rodents. Our services for roof rat control in Arizona will protect every aspect of your home from rodents, including those hard to reach places where roof rats can get in.

Don't Let Pack Rats Endanger Your Family

Another common critter in Arizona – the "Pack Rat" – makes life more dangerous for your family and pets. Pack rats build their own nests and can be found in cactuses, under bushes, and even in parked cars. They make their nests out of twigs and cactus joints, and these nests will often attract other predators like scorpions, kissing bugs, ticks, fleas, and mites to your property. And when Arizona Pack Rats live in cars, they chew up the wires and pack the compartment full of sticks and whatever they used to make their mess - causing expensive repair work.

To protect your children and pets from the Arizona Pack Rat, you should call in the experts at Invader Pest Management. By sealing up any holes around your home, we’ll stop the Arizona Pack Rat from getting to your food and disturbing your family’s peace of mind, providing you with an extra barrier of protection. If you find droppings along the outside walls of your house, under your spa or barbecue, then you may already have a pack rat problem. Partner with us for rodent control in Arizona and we’ll eliminate the infestation before they cause any more damage to your property.

We offer our thorough rodent control services in the greater Phoenix area, including:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a mouse or a rat?

Arizona has an extensive range of wildlife, and especially in the rodent category. Some of our top rodent pests are Arizona’s pack rat, field mouse, house mouse, deer mouse, cotton rat, and the roof rat. Depending upon the area you live or work, you could be subject to infestation from any of these common rodents in Arizona. Unfortunately, there is no ONE control for all these rodents, as they all have different needs for survival. Control is varied as well, some rodents are occasional invaders and prefer outside, in your barbeque or even your car engine, and others will move right in your home or business and cohabitate with you.

Can I do it myself?

We understand many people will try the do-it-yourself methods and set traps and or baits, but as professionals we know there is a bit more to it than that. Sometimes, the homeowners or the past 3 companies trying to solve the problem, can create a troublesome pest that is now trap-shy, won’t eat the bait, or avoids traps that didn’t work the first time. As one of the best in the business, we can solve the tough rodent issues – like nobody else.

What kind of damage do rodents cause?

All rodents can track germs and diseases throughout your home or business with their urine and droppings that are frequently deposited, which can be harmful to your family and pets. More serious damage is caused by the chewing, rodents must continually chew to keep their teeth from growing too much, and with this behavior they can accidentally chew through electrical wires, causing fires and plumbing causing severe moisture damage and destruction. Our experts always look for signs of rodent damage, just give us a call to schedule an inspection.

My area is rampant with rodents, how do I know you will solve the rodent problem?

Roof rats are not native to Phoenix and have invaded our city only in the last 10 years. Roof rats built a stronghold in areas known for their citrus orchards and have expanded their territory into all areas of Maricopa county. Our extensive knowledge of all Arizona rodents, their biology and habits has enabled Invader Pest to develop the most extensive rodent control program available in the Phoenix area. We focus on Habitat modification, exclusion and rodent removal to ensure we solve the rodent infestation at your property. Don’t wait to get started, rodents repopulate quickly, and it is better to catch the problem in it’s infancy. Just give us a call, and we will schedule your free same-day inspection!

I see holes in my oranges, grapefruits and pomegranates, what could that be?

A tell-tale sign of rodent activity (of the roof rat specifically) is the damage they cause to fruit grown locally. Damage to Citrus fruit is easily recognized as the roof rats literally chews a round hole and eats the fruit out of the middle leaving only the rind.

Why do I have roof rats in my yard?

Roof rats will eat many things but are drawn to the sweet fruits found in the many of our homes back yards. They will eat a variety of local things like nuts, avocado’s, peaches, apricots, figs, plums and mulberries to name a few easily grown things in Arizona yards. Many of our fruits produce a heavy crop, and are not harvested soon enough or at all, leaving a smorgasbord for hungry rodents, birds and other pests to enjoy. We highly recommend harvesting your fruit as soon as it is ripe and make sure to pick up fruit from the ground.

Get $60 Off Complete Rodent Protection

The best defense against rodents is to eradicate them from every possible entry point. At Invader Pest, we do just that. Complete rodent control in Arizona means taking every step necessary. When we protect your house from rodents, we’ll use bait stations, traps, and exclusion devices. By using three different techniques to exterminate your rodent infestation, we’ll not only get every last rat or mouse, but we’ll also stop these rodents from getting inside in the first place. Total exclusion and prevention will mean full protection for your family. When you sign up for our Healthy Home Care Pro package, you can get protection from rodents, scorpions, gophers, mosquitoes, AND typical household pests, all while saving $60. Call now!

Do you want to protect your family from rodents?

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