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Roof rats are not native to the greater Phoenix area, but they have become an increasing problem here over the past several years. Having moved here from warmer coastal climates, they are prone to seek shelter during the cooler months, causing them to invade your home and bring their allergens, viruses, and diseases with them.

With their dark brown or black fur, 13-18” length, and tails that are longer than their bodies, seeing these unwelcome invaders in your home can give you quite a scare! If you need help dealing with roof rats in Phoenix, read on to learn some tips on how to handle a roof rat sighting and keep your home a rat-free zone!

Dealing with Roof Rats in your Home

Prevention is Key

Rat-proofing your house before an infestation occurs is a good way to keep rats from making your home their own. Here are a few simple changes you can make to help keep roof rats where they belong – outside!

  • Patch up entry points: Get rid of any holes roof rats may be using to enter your home. Roof rats can squeeze through an opening as small as a quarter, so it’s important to patch up any holes on the exterior of your home and make sure your window screens are in good condition. Roof rats are GREAT climbers, so be sure to do this all the way up to the roof line of your home for best protection.
  • Trim your trees and shrubs: Keep trees and bushes trimmed back at least four feet from your home. Roof rats are named for their love of climbing and making nests in high places, so cutting back on entry points and preferred nesting grounds is a good way to keep roof rats off your property. Phoenix roof rats seem to be particularly fond of oleander bushes, so avoid planting more bushes in your yard and keep existing bushes trimmed and well kept.
  • Put food away: Roof rats aren’t picky eaters, so keeping possible food sources locked up is a good way to make sure your home isn’t an easy food source for roof rat invaders. Even garbage cans without lids or pet food left sitting in the bowl can be an enticing snack for a Phoenix roof rat, so do your best to keep these things locked up and out of reach!

Already Have an Infestation? Let us Help You Manage It!

Prevention is a good way to keep roof rats from entering your home, but once they move in, they can be tricky to kick out. If you need some help managing an infestation, we are here to help! Invader Pest Management offers fast and effective rodent control services in the Phoenix area – and we can help you put your roof rat issues to rest! If you need help kicking roof rats to the curb, give us a call today!