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Why Do I Have Rats?

Rats are attracted to things that make their lives a little bit easier – the same things that most of us would want. Food that is easy to get to. Warm, comfortable shelter. A place that keeps them safe from predators. A human home is an excellent place for a rat to get all of these things.rat extermination Invader Pest Management

The roof rat is actually the common black rat. Its scientific name is even Rattus rattus. This is also the type of rat that has been charged with carrying the plague due to its fleas. While in today’s era you’re not likely to catch the plague, that doesn’t mean rats aren’t still capable of carrying diseases. Once the rat(s) discover that they have access to food and a great place to live, they’re going to stick around as long as possible.

Where Are They?

Rats, while they are quite sizable, may not be easy to find due to their ability to hide and squeeze through small places. They are also nocturnal and like to live in high places. This means they are most likely in your attic where it is warmer and safer. They are very good climbers and can move around in walls or climb up trees to get on the roof and in the attic that way.

You may discover that you have a rat problem if you find chewed up areas or food stores. They like to eat fruit so if you have any fruit trees nearby you will notice hollowed out fruit on the ground. People may think that because they live in Phoenix rats are not a problem. However, this is not true. Rats can be introduced to numerous locations and quickly adapt in order to survive. If they like a place in your home, you can be sure that they will try to stay there.

Can I Get Rid of Them Myself?

People often like to try the do-it-yourself methods of getting rid of rats and other pests rather than contact a Phoenix pest control company. However, do-it-yourself methods are not fool-proof – nor do they tell you where or how the rats are getting in, as well as what steps you can take to prevent them from invading your house again. DIY options simply mean placing traps and poison down in the hopes that the rats will get caught in them and die. This is not always the case. Remember that rats are smart, and even if you catch one or two rats, there may still be more – 6 to 8 if they had babies in your roof!

Your best method of roof rat removal is to call in pest control services. They can give you a thorough evaluation in order to find out where the rats are nesting, how many there may be, and what the best methods of removal are. Even better, a Phoenix rodent exterminator will understand rats and how they function. That means they will know what to look for when it comes to conditions conducive to an invader like the roof rat. Trees touching your home, bushes overgrown, wires that lead directly to entry holes in your home, as well as what you might have in your home that might also be attracting them. They can show you these conditions, any possible locations with rodent activity and instruct you on how to repair any damages caused by rats and put deterrents into place to keep roof rats away from your home.

Just Remember . . .

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! This is an important consideration – prevention is much less expensive than trying to remove an established colony of rats or any pest for that matter. Never mind how much more expensive it could be to repair the damage caused by the pest gone wild… Roof rats cause more fires by exposing electrical wiring and pack rats are known to completely destroy the electrical wiring in car engines, we have seen this many times in North Scottsdale areas.

Don’t get caught saying this . . .

The last thing you want to say is, “ I wish I would have called a pest control guy, before this rat situation got out of hand”, or “Do you think the fire was caused by rats chewing the wires?” or the ever popular, “It cost me $5,000.00 to get my car running again, I guess pest control would have been less than that, huh?”