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Pest Control + Termite OR Weed

Includes everything in Healthy Home Care Pro™, PLUS you can choose termite warranty OR weed prevention.


Our most popular service plan, InvaderProof™ combines two great services into one annual plan. The convenience of regular scheduled appointments, one service, one invoice, same tech, same truck, same day, is a real hit! In today’s busy environment, people don’t want or need more clutter, they just want it done.  

Not everyone needs or wants every service, so InvaderProof™ brings that flexibility of choosing from two great plans – Pest & Termite or Pest & Weeds – Look no further, you choose the solution that best fits your needs.

InvaderProof™ – Pest + Termite

Choose a pest control plan that includes all your termite control and prevention needs! Fast becoming our most popular plan, especially with termite control being included with the pest control service instead of another separate service with its corresponding appointments, separate billing, and different technicians for pest control and termite control… Our customers are overjoyed with InvaderProof™ Pest + Termite – one complete service that does it all, included in the regularly scheduled service plan, and with their favorite highly trained service technician.

Using the most advanced systems available, we will provide termite protection and prevention 24/7 – 365 days a year, including permanent in ground stations and targeted applications to above ground infestations. Termites, like ants, are just pests, why would you need another termite treatment when you have a pest control company?  With InvaderProof™ Pest + Termite, pests and termites are included and guaranteed!

InvaderProof™ – Pest + Weeds

Our premium pest control plan, InvaderProof™ Pest + Weeds includes all your weed prevention for your beautiful manicured desert landscaped yards. Why pull weeds or pay landscapers to cut and chop weeds, when a professional, annual application of pre-emergent herbicide will prevent weeds from taking root and sprouting. If we are already there, it is a quick and easy one-time application, applied at the proper dosage and correct time of the season to prevent weeds from coming all year long, and best of all, if weeds do re-appear, then we come back kill those weeds for FREE!

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