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As increased fears and uncertainty about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continue to spread throughout the country, Invader Pest Management, one of Arizona’s leading local companies, announced a new service to meet the growing need of disinfection in businesses. The Disinfection/Sanitation Service is designed to protect employees and customers from the transmission of viruses, bacteria, fungi and mold and help businesses maintain the highest level of hygiene during this time of increased concern for public health.

Certified specialists use ultra-volume (ULV) disinfection foggers to disperse disinfectant, which is environmentally friendly and hypo-allergenic. The foggers create small disinfectant droplets, which treat surfaces, such as floors, handrails and doorknobs, and large areas in a short time frame. The treatment inactivates pathogens in 10 minutes, and customers can be back on site 30 minutes after treatment.

“As many of our commercial customers remain in operation to serve the public in this unprecedented time, they understandably have concerns about keeping their staff and customers safe,” said Invader Pest Management President & CEO, Fred Willey. “Our mission is to protect people, pets and property, and never before has there been this level of need or concern, so we developed this service to help businesses disinfect safely, quickly and efficiently.”

The formula is registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and contains no harsh fumes. The service should be conducted when there are no confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19, mold issues or other major contamination incidents on site.

“We want to be able to arm customers with the peace of mind of a safe and healthy work environment,” said Willey. “The Disinfection Service will help businesses reduce risk in this uncertain time and turn their focus back on their operations.”