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Getting rid of rats isn’t as easy as roach or ant control. All you have to do for those little insects is to spray some pesticide and they’ll go away, for the most part. However, rat and rodent extermination is not quite as easy. You will have to come up with a completely different approach, because rats can sense the many dangers that surround them, whereas ants and roaches cannot. Rats can actually avoid these dangers to survive.

If you think about exterminating the rats yourself, you should first find out where they are living. After finding where they are living, you should find the path they use to get into their home. It can be through a roofline or holes in the doors, windows, or basement. Your first line of defense should be to find these holes and openings and try to seal them up. You don’t want to leave any room for these little guys to crawl into. You’d be amazed at how small a hole they can crawl into. Their living spaces are likely in any dark room, where there is little to no noise. Look for rat droppings and fur balls.

After you’ve found their residence, you’ll need to choose an extermination method. Will you try green pest control or the more traditional methods? There are a lot of tools at your disposal. If you have a large open space, you may want to use snap traps to kill the rodents. The rat will be killed immediately after taking the bait. Then there are glue traps. These are long strips of glue that are covered by plastic until you take it off. As soon as a rat steps onto the trap, it is trapped. With this method, the rat is not killed immediately, if it is even caught. And sometimes they can escape. Sounds like a horrible way to go, but you will have to choose how to eliminate the pests. Either method, you’ll have to get rid of the rat yourself.

If you’d prefer not to even think about rats, you can call a Phoenix rodent control company. Invader Pest Management has trained professional rodent removal experts that know how to identify the presence of rodents and rats and know how they behave. They root out rats and rodents getting rid of the problem but also helps you prevent another infestation so they will never return.