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Commercial Pest control in a commercial facility is an extremely important service that is a necessity. To prevent pests and stop any interference a pest infestation could cause to the work environment a pest management program is essential.

Every Industry Could Harbor Different Pests

Every type of industry has different uses for their properties. Depending upon how a property is developed comes pest issues common to the usage. This could entail where it is located and how the structures are used.

For example, a new warehouse/distribution center is likely to be built on previously farmed land. There may not be neighbors immediately adjacent to the new build as it may be surrounded by open space. A new property is vulnerable to pest infestation and in fact the property itself becomes the attractant. The property will obviously have structures, water, landscaping, lighting features. Each of these factures can have their own conditions conducive to attracting insects. Light for example, will attract flying insects from a great distance. Irrigation and the addition of a permanent water source can be a major source of insects. Building over old farmland gives field mice, gophers, rats and even scorpions a new place to call home when the soil is disturbed.

When It Comes To Food

Restaurants can NOT have pests; nobody wants to eat at a restaurant if they think it is infested. Nothing can harm the reputation of a great place to eat faster than a cockroach running across the table. A Commercial Pest Control program is essential.

Food Processing and distribution companies can ill afford to be transporting pests. Rats, mice, stored food pests and cockroaches could easily be transported to their customers. Customers with these kind of deliveries will be ordering their products from other distribution facilities.

Pests Don’t Pay Rent

Office buildings cannot have its tenants fighting for space with pests. Pigeons, bees, rats, mice or even gophers are not paying customers. These pests could be eating up the trees and bushes, and chewing the water lines, leaving a destructive mess in their wake. Not only can pests cause harm to people, but the by products of pests can also be problematic. Pigeons tend to be people watchers and always seem to be where the people are. When pigeons do their business over the walk ways, the droppings are not only unsightly, but also a slip hazard. Nothing worse than a customer walking up to your building and slipping on pigeon poop!

Warehouses must maintain a pest free environment to protect the goods and supplies stored and shipped from their facilities. Malls, Strip malls, and retail facilities can not have any pest that would threaten the safety of the consumers . Damage from pests at retail center are unacceptable and commercial pest control is necessary to avoid this. A colony of bees could disrupt an entire area and prevent business from operating. If the general public is in danger of being attacked by a swarm of bees.

When Pest Control Really Counts

Health Care Centers, Medical facilities simply can not have pest issues as pests carry many germs, bacteria and viruses. Flies for example that move here and there can easily transmit disease, same with cockroaches, rodents and even mosquitoes.

Child Care Facilities and Schools can not have a pest control issue that would put children at risk of harm from any pest. These types of facilities are also very regulated and require special rules to implement a pest control program. Schools are required to post when pest control applications are to be made. Pest Control companies are required to Post when treatments are made.

A Nice Place To Stay

The Hospitality industry is unique because it can foster a multitude of pest issues. Hotels can easily be the host site for many travelers, but in this case, specifically bedbugs, our world traveling friends. Nothing worse that enjoying a beautiful vacation and taking home a little extra baggage! Please don’t think because it was one of the nicest and most expensive places that it is immune to this nasty little pest, even the best of them fight this issue!

Resorts can be very large and require intensive pest control programs to protect their guests, workers and visitors. Large locations such as resorts, hi-rise buildings, and multi structure properties can be any of the types of facilities we have mentioned above. Food service, storage, retail, childcare, swimming pools, spas, office and multi use areas, the chances of pest issues is extremely high.

The Point Here is:

Commercial Pest Control really is a requirement and shouldn’t be considered an expense but rather a cost of doing business. Good companies who want to protect their investments, their employees and customers know they need a quality Commercial Pest Management program in place to do business. Invader Pest Management is a full service commercial pest control service provider. Let’s get started.