About Fire Ants

Fire ants can be found in parts of Arizona, but were not originally native to our state. Originally, Fire ants were transported to Arizona in potted plants, bushes and trees, and quarantine efforts were not successful in stopping the migration of this species of ant. Red imported fire ants nest in soil and build mound nests. They can infest garages, or nest outdoors in landscape areas or near a structural foundation. Fire ants will gain entry to a building through holes or cracks.

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Fire Ants Habitat

Fire Ants will build large mound nests, and will sting humans and pets coming across a nest.

Fire Ants Threats

The sting of a red imported fire ant is painful and often results in a raised welt that becomes a white pustule. Often, a person or a pet stung by a red imported fire ant receives multiple painful stings from more than one of the ants. Persons allergic to insect stings will react more severely.

Fire Ants Treatment and Pest Control

Red imported fire ants and their telltale mound nests should be actively avoided. An effective fire ant pest control plan will include regular inspections, structural changes to address entry points into a structure, and treat any fire ant nests individually. Separate treatment plans will be needed for residential pest control vs. commercial pest control.

Fire Ants (Red Imported) Identification


Solenopsis invicta


Dark brown to blackish

Shape & Structure

Segmented; oval


1/8" - 3/8"