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Keep Your Yard Free of Unwanted Weeds

Weeds are an eyesore that don't belong in your yard! Choose the year-round protection from Invader Pest Management so your yard is always looking its best! With our proven weed control methods, we can stop the weeds in their tracks before they even start or kill any existing weeds you may have

Start protecting your yard today!

Weed Control in Phoenix

Arizona plants

Invader Pest Management is a family-owned, locally operated company that’s been in business for over 25 years. In that time, we’ve helped create and maintain beautiful yards with our reliable and effective weed control services in Arizona. Our weed control technicians enjoy building lasting relationships with clients, and we will care for your yard as if it was our own.

Protection From Weeds All Year Long

It’s a common misconception that since the greater Phoenix area is a desert region, weed control isn’t an issue. In fact, there are two primary growing seasons for weeds - fall and spring. Winter annuals grow from late fall into winter, and summer annuals grow from spring into summer. This means that weeds are constantly on the attack, and the best course of action is to kill off the weeds you already have, while also stopping new weeds from taking root. When you partner with us for weed control in Arizona, we will:

  • Perform a thorough and FREE inspection
  • Write out a proposal on how we’ll eradicate your weed problem
  • Apply pre-emergent herbicides
  • Apply post-emergent herbicides
  • Guarantee our services!

Save on Weed Control

We’ll Stop Weeds Before They Start

The best way to stop weeds from taking over your landscape is to stop them from growing and germinating. Pre-emergent herbicides make weed seeds already in your soil sterile and prevent weeds that are already growing from germinating. Thorough weed control in Arizona means not letting seeds take root in the first place - this way you don’t have to break your back pulling out these nasty plants. We can take care of yards in all shapes and sizes - from decorative desert landscapes to lush, green yards. We’ll make sure your yard stays weed-free all year long!

Weeds Already A Problem?

Sometimes prevention isn’t possible because the weeds have already taken root. Our post-emergent herbicides will kill your existing weeds, allowing your yard to thrive and your landscape to be pristine. We’ll give you the yard that you’ve always been hoping for, without having to worry about weeds. The best part is, our weed control in Arizona comes with a satisfaction guarantee. If the weeds come back, so will we – for free!

Choose the Weed Control Company You Trust

Designing your own unique landscape is one of the best parts of being a homeowner. But it certainly takes a lot of time and energy, and if you’re not proactive about caring for weeds, the Homeowner’s Association might boldly step in. If your yard is looking a little too tall, or weeds a little too wide-spread, the HOA could request immediate action. Or even worse, they might choose their own weed control company for you, charging you excessive amounts from a company you don’t know or trust. Don’t let your HOA tell you when and how to care for your yard.

Don't Live in Phoenix? Not a Problem!

Be in control of your landscape on your agenda! Don’t wait any longer - turn to the trusted weed control experts at Invader Pest.

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