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Get Protected with a Monthly Termite Warranty

You’ve heard it said, there are two kinds of homes in Arizona, homes with termites and homes that will eventually get them. Your home is your biggest investment, don’t leave it vulnerable to termites!

Termite Warranty in Phoenix


Knowing that the potential for having termites is so high, it is imperative to have your home inspected once per year, it is so important because early detection can save you thousands in treatment, damage and repair costs.  
With a termite warranty from Invader Pest Management, the annual home inspection is included along with the termite warranty, and any treatment necessary to protect your home from termites.

Getting Started 

It all starts with a thorough inspection of your property. Valued at $125, this inspection is free for all current customers in an exclusive offer! For new customers, if you schedule today, the initial inspection is only $50, a savings of $75! Its purpose is to ensure that you are currently termite-free. 

After inspection, you will receive a written report of our findings. If no termites are found, we will present you with our inspection certificate. From there, you are eligible to sign up for our Exclusive Termite Warranty Program.

Get Started Today!

How Do Our Termite Warranties Work?

Similar to insurance, we will warranty your home against termites for just a small monthly premium, you are protected against termites. We will keep them from invading your home, but if they happen to find their way inside, this warranty will cover treatments for termites we will take care of them. As long as you are on our program, termite treatment comes at no additional charge to you!

As a gift to our new customers, Save an additional $5.00 per month and receive our termite warranty for just $20 when you act now!

Bundle With Pest Control and Save Money!

Everyone’s pest control needs are different, which is why we have a variety of pest control packages available. With our InvaderProof package, you get our termite warranty in addition to protection from pests including mosquitoes, rodents, and scorpions. This comprehensive package is our best deal for superior pest control, starting at just $59 a month! Call us at 623-435-0228 to take advantage of this incredible deal.

Why Choose Invader Pest Management?

You might not know, but there are more than one species of termite. We cover all species, so no matter what termites are eating away at your home, we will eliminate them. Unlike other companies, we don’t make you commit to a year-long termite warranty. Our flexible month to month plan works with your schedule and needs. If you move, the warranty is transferable to the next homeowner. We are ready to protect your home from termites in the following areas:

There’s no better or more cost-effective way to protect your greatest investment!

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