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Pest Control + Unique Invaders

Includes everything in Healthy Home Care™ PLUS your choice of Unique Invader(s) such as scorpions, rodents, gophers, or mosquitoes.

Healthy Home Care Pro™

Our Pro level of Healthy Home Care™ is an expanded version that includes everything provided in our Healthy Home Care™ package – PLUS any specific hard to control pest issue(s) common to Arizona and that requires more targeted and direct applications for those unique pests. The choice is yours, depending upon the current pest issues of your property, our Healthy Home Care Pro™ level will target and maintain your property from all general pests including our custom solutions for tough pests!

For only a few more dollars per pest issue, we will include a more intensive control designed and targeted to the troublesome pests particular to your home or yard, such as scorpions, rodents (field mice and Arizona’s Packrat), gophers or mosquitoes, to name some of Arizona’s more prevalent troublesome unique invaders. Our program can be customized for any specialty pests you may encounter, and by bundling services, your costs can be maintained with a low monthly fee vs. expensive one-time services.

Our annual maintenance programs are specifically created to be proactive in nature and preventative to reduce the cause of pest infestation and take a less expensive approach than a reactive “I have a serious problem, what do I do to get rid of it now” costly approach!

For the very best pest management program in the Arizona market, this is it – Healthy Home Care Pro™, when only the best will do.

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