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Save BIG On Year-Round Pest Control in Phoenix, Arizona

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In Arizona, we are fortunate not to have many of the issues that other states may have – we might have some high wind every now and then, but we don’t have hurricanes, haven’t heard of very many tornadoes, maybe the occasional microburst, and not even too many earthquakes, and we’ve only had snow two times in the last twenty years here in Phoenix and it melted the same day! However, we do have bugs, insects, weeds, rodents, pigeons and all kind of troublesome vermin all year round.

While we do cool off in the fall and winter months, that just allows for other pests to become more of an issue at different times of the year. While we fight most general insects in the summer, as temperatures cool down, many of them move inside to find warmth and to overwinter, so we now have inside pest issues. Rodents in particular move inside during the winter and have their babies in the spring. Termites are actually more prevalent in the winter from September through June, and weeds go crazy after our Monsoon season, enjoying the rest of the summer heat and the moisture to finish out the summer annuals and sprout the winter annuals – so double trouble from September through January.

Anyway, just some thoughts on why we need pest control services on a year-round basis. Even though you might not feel the pest pressure around your home or property, you should NOT assume you don’t need pest control service year round, I always tell my customers, I’m more concerned about the pests we don’t see than the ones we easily see, and an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure! Most homeowners in Phoenix have a pest control service year round, you might as well get started NOW and save money while you're at it!

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