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Make Your Lawn Stand Out With TurfCare™

get a green yard with weed control in arizona

Many people from all over the country find their way to Arizona. Some may find the desert landscape a bit jarring if they’re coming from evergreen trees and green grass. Many new transplants’ initial thoughts are “wow, it’s brown here!”. Yards in Arizona are decorated with rock and stone, bricks, desert shrubs, cactus, and, occasionally, green grass— very different from the lawns up north or out east.  

When Arizona residents do get more green in their landscaping, generally it’s an unwanted addition: weeds.

Traditional Weed Control Doesn’t Work on Grass

Typical weed control in Arizona involves using a combination of pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides. When a pre-emergent herbicide is applied, the weed control technician is targeting weeds that haven’t germinated yet, attacking them before they even have the chance to grow. When a post-emergent herbicide is applied, the weed control technician is attempting to kill weeds that have already grown. While these techniques are great for desert landscaping, grass lawns need a little more TLC.

There’s a couple of reasons that different services are needed for grass landscaping versus desert landscapes because:

  • The weeds are different.
  • Herbicides used on desert landscapes are often harmful to grass plants.
  • The timing of treatments can differ, and grass plant growth can be stunted if treatments are applied at the wrong time.

Why Do You Need Weed Control?

With our warm weather year-round, it’s basically barefoot weather all the time. And, if you’ve ever walked barefoot through your grass and accidentally stepped on a weed, you might have been in for a surprise. Most of the weeds that grow in Arizona have thorns that can hurt you if you step on them.

Weed control is also for aesthetic reasons. Do you really want dandelions popping up as soon as you cut your grass?

Crack the Code for Green Grass in Arizona

Invader Pest Management has performed weed control in the Arizona area for years, and we’ve figured out the secret formula for Arizona weed control on grass lawns.

We’ve added new services and treatments plans that are specifically designed to deal directly with weeds that grow in grass lawns. Our TurfCare™ Services are a set of programs that are either proactive or reactive— meaning we can treat your lawn before weeds show up or get rid of them if they’ve already made your lawn home!

Ready for beautiful, green grass without weeds?

Find out more about our Arizona weed control!