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Do You Miss Walking in the Grass?

Walk Barefoot Again With Our TurfCare™ Program
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Do you remember the last time you walked barefoot through your grass? Do you remember feeling lush, soft turf beneath your feet? Or do you remember a more painful experience?

Wherever you’re from— whether you’re a Phoenix local or a transplant—most of us have experienced a nice barefoot walk in the park, spreading our toes through the grass and enjoying the soft blades and fresh smell. It’s such a nice memory.

That is, unless you happen to find a thistle, the goats head thorns, or whatever weed that’s sending a stabbing pain through your body.

Unfortunately, it seems like everything that grows here in Phoenix has thorns. Every plant, every tree and every weed seems to poke you, stick you, or stab you. A beautiful yard of green grass should be like a fine carpet, soft, plush and sticker free.  Doesn’t that sound nice? Well, it is nice, and if you have a landscape with a lawn, your grass should be just as described, green, plush and weed free, not even a dandelion for you to see.

Our TurfCare™ program will help you keep and care for your field of dreams, a beautiful yard, with soft wonderful green grass.  Start this program in early May to clean up your lawn, get rid of unwanted weeds, especially the one’s with stickers and thorns, but also the puffy white and yellow dot dandelions that break the desired sea of green that every lawn owner wants to see, feel and enjoy.

Our TurfCare™ weed control in Phoenix and the surrounding areas can make your lawn something you want to enjoy. When you choose Invader, you’ll get a program that:

  • Starts with a thorough and free inspection so you know what you’re working with.
  • Includes a written proposal on how we’ll eradicate your weed problem.
  • Includes pre-emergent herbicides to kill weeds before they grow.
  • Includes post-emergent herbicides to kill any weeds that may have grown in your yard.
  • Comes with guaranteed services so you don’t have to worry about weeds in your yard.

Call Invader Pest Management for TurfCare™ – weed prevention in your lawn. 

Enjoy your barefoot moment in the grass!

Get Our Phoenix Weed Control!