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Ant Control

We most often see ants in neat and orderly rows, the fact is that they live in huge colonies.  The colony consists of a single egg laying female known as the Queen, males whose lives are very short and workers (sterile females). The ants you see most often are workers whose job it is to seek out food sources and communicate the location of the food by a trail pheromone, a chemical that they secrete along the ground as they return to the nesting area.  This trail can last for a long time which is why ants will often return to the scene even after you have killed the ones you saw.

Ant problems don’t have to bug you anymore!  The pros at Invader Pest Management know how they work, where they hide and how to eliminate them from your home or business once and for all.  Our licensed and insured exterminators will identify problem areas and work with you to determine the best possible ways to solve issues.

Our 24/7 Rapid Response Service ensures that we will be there whenever you need us, no matter what time you call.  When you have a problem with ants, call Invader Pest or to avoid problems in the future, call us today to schedule your Free, No Obligation Inspection.

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