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John Laughner Jr

Pest Control Technician
John Laughner Jr - Pest Control Technician

Hi! My name is John, and I am one of Invader Pest Management’s pest control technicians. I joined the pest control industry in 2002 because I love helping people. This industry is all about constant change. No matter how much I learn or know, there is always something else for me to learn. I value helpfulness in my fellow co-workers, and I am lucky that there is plenty of that here at Invader Pest Management. We are a family-oriented team who loves to give back to our community and see things differently.

Outside of work, I am all about my family. I am married to my best friend. My wife, Marilou, and I have 3 beautiful children. There is Christian, our son, and our twin daughters, Annimae and Angelica. I love to have gatherings at our house and invite friends and family over to eat and hang out.


  • Industrial/ Institutional (General Pest)
  • Turf and Ornamental
  • Right of Way (Weeds)
  • Termites
  • Quality Pro
  • Quality Pro GreenPro
  • Quality Pro Schools