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Is DIY Termite Treatment a Risk?

If you’re an avid do-it-yourselfer, it can be difficult to relinquish control over household tasks. There are so many jobs that a capable homeowner can accomplish at such impressive savings that it’s hard not to at least give it your best shot. In most cases, the downside of doing it on your own is pretty heavily outweighed by the advantages. When it comes to termite control, a DIY approach might not be worth the risk.

termitesTermites are your ordinary pest. A spider or ant is like the petty criminal of the pest world – annoying and problematic, certainly worthy of pest control services but they don’t do much real damage. A termite is like the super villain of pests, capable of causing enough damage to destroy your property value and condemn your home.

If the ants were neighborhood kids with spray paint cans, a termite would be Al Capone. Each year, termites cause over $5 billion in property damage. You wouldn’t try to fight a super villain on your own unless you had super powers and most of us are painful ordinary in that respect. A Phoenix exterminator is the superhero you’ll need to fight these villains.

Most DIY termite treatments only scratch the surface of the problem. As a homeowner, you will probably only treat what you can see. Since termites are subterranean, you really can’t see the extent of the problem. What if a termite from the next neighbor comes foraging into your yard? You don’t want him to find an under-protected food source in your home. The products available to an unlicensed homeowner aren’t as effective as those of a professional Phoenix termite exterminator.

Products from the pros like extended-release baits are a better choice for protecting your home. When it comes to termite defense, let your professional exterminator be your home’s superhero. Don’t risk it by doing it yourself.



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