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Controlling Pigeons around your Building

Pigeons may be jokingly referred to as the “rats of the sky” on occasion, but there’s good reason for that – they can be real pests. Aside from the unsightly mess they leave behind, their droppings can damage building and the birds can also transmit diseases. If getting these airborne pests to fly away for good is a high priority for you, there are a few steps you can take. Here are a few DIY steps that some people take upon themselves to try and rid their properties from pigeons, I’m not suggesting they are the best solution, but people always want to try and do it themselves, before calling in a professional.

Anti-Roosting Spikes

Investing in some anti-roosting spikes can go a long way toward eliminating your pigeon problems. Most hardware stores sell these deterrents, and they are fairly simple to install. The spike strips will make it virtually impossible for the birds to land and roost, so they will be forced to find a new home. Another option similar to the spike strips is to stretch out a slinky toy along the roosting area and attach either end to the building. While these products may work well in certain locations, even as a professional, we have had to use something different when the pigeons persistence beats the product. We have seen pigeons actually pile sticks and branches on top of spike and build their nest right on top of the spike, so it’s not always effective.

Stick it to ‘em

pigeon1Many hardware stores also sell sticky substances that can be applied to roosting areas. When these are in place, pigeons will avoid the area. You may also be able to purchase these products from pest control services. Follow the manufacturer guidelines to apply the chemicals to trouble spots. Yes, seen the sticky stuff used, and it too may have worked for a while, however, consider this: In Arizona, it is very hot on top of roofs and walls where this sticky stuff might be applied, and in most cases this stuff will melt and run down the side. Being sticky it also traps and catches stuff like feathers, leaves and dust and after time is extremely dirty and unappealing to look at.

Get spicy

A more natural defense against these flying pests is to use a combination of common kitchen spices that the birds seem to dislike, although this method may not be as effective. A potent mixture of cinnamon, pepper, and cayenne pepper may deter pigeons from setting up shop on your building – just pour a few generous handfuls in the places the birds are drawn to. Again, DIYers go ahead and try it, but be careful you don’t end up with a nose full of this potent mixture yourself, watch out for the kids and pets too! All I can say, if it sounds too good to be true, it might not work! Now for solid advice . . .

Call a Pest Control Service

If none of the DIY methods above work to eliminate your pigeon troubles, consider calling in the experts. A pest exterminator in Phoenix can assess the areas of concerns around your building and determine the best solution to prevent the birds from roosting.

Consult an expert in pest control management to determine how best to remove pigeons from your property. To learn more about what you can do visit our website.


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