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Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Reports

wood_destroying_insectsAre you buying or selling a home?

Why Inspect?

Every year thousands of homes are attached by termites or other wood destroying pests. Home purchasers need to know if these pests are present before investing their money. Therefore it is wise to have the property inspected by a representative of Invader Pest Management who can detect the presence of wood destroying pests and can provide a report on his findings.
Who Orders an inspection?

A pest control firm may be selected by the buyer or his agent, lending institution, or the seller, depending on the state’s real estate laws or established practice. As a purchaser, you should be advised to which entity ordered the inspection, and for your protection, encouraged to order and be in charge of all inspections made to the property on your behalf. As a seller, you should insist buyers cover the inspections, to ensure all transactions are transparent.

Is the report for termites only?

While the subterranean termite is the number one wood destroying pest in Arizona, hence its name is often attached to the so-called “Termite Report or Termite Inspection”. However there are other wood destroying insects, including some other species of termites that may also be included in the report, such as:

  • Dry Wood Termites – usually found in the southern and southwestern areas of the country, and specifically here in the Phoenix metro. We find them more often in the oldest historic subdivisions of Scottsdale, Glendale, Mesa, Tempe and Phoenix as well as all adjacent cities.
  • Beetles – (1) powder post beetles – small beetles whose larvae feed in hardwood such as oak, (2) annbiid beetles – small beetles hose larvae feed in softwood such as pine, and (3) old house borers – rather large beetles whose larvae feed in softwood timbers.
  • Carpenter Ants – Usually possible when moisture problems are common in the building structure.
  • Other Southwest Pests – Carpenter Bees – wood boring bees who lay their eggs in a hole approx ½” in diameter, Woodpeckers – small native birds that are very damaging on homes with the holes they peck into the wood members and even stucco sides of homes.

Are these pests (insects) found in all houses throughout Arizona?

The distribution and occurrence of these insects is seasonal and sometimes regional. Subterranean termites are distributed throughout most of Arizona, with drywood and dampwood termites localized in specific parts of Arizona. Beetles are easily transported and can be generally anywhere, however many beetles are specific to regions. Invader Pest Management can tell you about the occurrence and importance of these insects in Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Surprise, Goodyear and the entire Phoenix Metropolitan Area.

What does the inspection Entail?

The inspector looks at all visible areas of the structure which are readily accessible. If the inspector finds evidence of an infestation, the inspector reports this evidence on a specified form. An inspection may not include inaccessible areas such as inside walls, behind built in cabinetry or under carpeting. It is important to know that infestations here may remain undetected, and why it is important to consider a monitoring and baiting program for prevention, termite warranty treatment or warranty program that will include treatment, just in case. All parties must read and understand the entire report.

Does the report guarantee there is no infestation?

Generally, a WDIIR is only a conveyance of information. The report gives the findings of a trained inspector who searched for visual evidence of these pests in the readily accessible areas of the structure. It states that wood destroying pests were or were not found by the inspector in these visible areas. The possibility remains that an infestation may be hidden inside a wall void or beam.

What if evidence of an infestation is found?

Invader Pest Management will recommend and propose appropriate treatment to control the pest. For termites, a treatment may be warranted for one, three or five years depending upon the choice of treatment methods, usually meaning if an infestation is found while the warranty is in effect, the company will retreat at no charge to you.

What happens if damage created by these pests is observed?

“Damage” is an alarming term. It may be superficial or quite extensive. Damage is evidence of infestation, but evidence might not include damage. Most companies do not have the expertise or licensing necessary to perform construction repairs, so a licensed and qualified building contractor would be recommended to make any repairs.

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