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Roof Rat Phoenix Exterminator--Invader Pest ManagementRats and other rodents in your home or office and do more damage and cause more harm than you might imagine.  From diseases spread to your family and pets to the potential for damage to your interior walls and insulation, the potential risk doesn’t stop there.  In the business world you can be held legally liable for contamination due to rat and rodent infestation.

The most common rodents in our service area(s) are Roof Rats, Pack Rats, Cotton rats and some Norway rats, as far as mice go, there are a number of species here, but most common is the house mouse and on the outskirts of the valley the deer mouse might come into our service area. Rats and Mice can be found in homes, farm and ranch buildings, sheds and garages. Rats and mice are the most abundant and therefore the more annoying and destructive of all rodents the homeowner or business owner may encounter. Throughout history, they have been responsible for more human illnesses and deaths than any other mammals.

The principal means of controlling rats and mice are:

  • Removal of Shelter
  • Piles of lumber, trash or other materials can be shelters for pack rats and roof rats. Trash, such as empty boxes and cartons, should be discarded of promptly. Stored materials should be at least 18 inches off the ground or floor, and with space between the material and the wall.
  • Removal of Water and Food
  • The best way to eliminate the food supply of rats and mice is to store food in glass or metal containers, and to put garbage in tightly covered trash cans. Repair leaky faucets and remove any water that rodents have access to.
  • Use of Baits and Traps
  • Baits – One effective way of destroying rats and mice, and the one most generally recommended, is the use of rodenticide baits. There are many different kinds of rodent baits available.
  • Traps – Very effective means of removal, however they require more effort and expertise. The work well where there are few rats and mice. The best place to set traps is close to walls in areas where rodents run. The selection of an attractant for trapping is important, and a true professional knows all the tricks.
  • Sealing holes and Entry points into the building
  • All openings that rats and mice can enter through should be covered with rat-resistant materials such as metal mesh or steel wool. Doors should be closed when not in use, and all edges subject to gnawing should be covered with metal. Unnecessary openings should be covered with concrete or sheet metal. Concrete also can be used to prevent rats from burrowing under foundations.
  • You need not worry when you have the Invader Pest Management team on the job.  Our Rodent Control Team has years of experience and specialized training in the location and eradication of roof rats as well as identifying and removing potential access points.  Our 24/7 Rapid Response Service assures you that we are available to solve your rodent problems at any time of the day or night.

    We know how to identify the presence of rodents and we know how they behave.  We are well trained to root them out and we know how to ensure that they will never return to your home or business.

    Let our team of trusted professional rodent removal experts help you get rid of your rodent problems for good, whether at your home or place of business.  Call us for a Free, No Obligation Inspection today!

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