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Taking Care of Mesa Pests

No homeowner or business owner likes having to deal with pests, but those who live in Mesa sometimes do. Pests here are just as frustrating as they anywhere else around the country, and no business or homeowner should have to deal with them. That’s where Mesa pest control and Invader Pest Management comes in. It’s our job to take care of any pests that you may have, so that you don’t have to worry about having to deal with them, and our experts do an exceptional job of it.

Our Experts

The experts who work for Invader Pest Management are trained in helping our clients with a wide array of different types of pest problems. It doesn’t matter if the problem is something that crawls, flies, or slithers, our experts will be trained in knowing how to take care of it for you. We make sure that all of our experts also know that when it comes to our customers, customer service is key. One of the reasons why we’ve become so well known is because of our attention to detail and our customer service skills. We want our customers to feel like family, and our experts make sure that they treat all of our customers this way, so that they know that we truly care about their pest problems.

Helping Businesses

While homeowners need to take care of their pests, Mesa businesses also have to make sure that they deal with any pest problem that they happen to have. It can be extremely embarrassing to deal with pests in your professional space, especially if you have customers or clients visiting on a regular basis. Having pests show up when you’ve got an important customer or client is not only embarrassing, it’s unprofessional. As a leading Mesa exterminator, we know how important having a pest-free home is, which is why we have trained our experts in knowing how to deal with business pests. Our experts can offer comprehensive care to business owners so that they are able to never have to worry about having to deal with pests again. Our comprehensive care includes immediate pest control and pest control plans for the future, so that business owners can rest easy in knowing that their pest issues are, and always will be, taken care of by one of the leading Mesa pest control firms – Invader Pest Management.

At Invader Pest Management we realize that insects and rodents can be a problem, and we also know that it’s frustrating to deal with pest management companies who don’t know what they’re doing, so we take care to provide the best possible services to our clients, including customer service. We want our customers to feel like family, and we do everything we can to ensure that this happens. If you are curious about how Invader Pest Management can help you to get rid of Mesa pests became one of the leading green pest control companies in the area, please contact us using our contact form, or give us a call. We’re always happy to set up an appointment to visit you or to answer questions about our services.

Professional Pest Management for the City of Mesa, AZ

Pest control in Mesa Arizona is perhaps one of the most important tasks for both homeowners and business owners alike, and since 1994, Invader Pest Management, a Mesa Pest control and exterminating company that is highly trained and experienced to eliminate the pests you might experience on a day to day basis, and create the pest-free environment necessary to provide a safer environment for both customers and families alike.

It’s our level of attention to your needs that truly changes the picture here, and thanks to our overwhelming dedication as one Mesa exterminator services you can trust, we’re not only accredited by the BBB Better Business Bureau, but we’re also members of the Arizona Pest Professional organization and nationally we’ve been certified as a Quality Pro, Quality Pro Schools and  Green Pro company here in the Mesa Pest control market as leader in excellence in pest management, school IPM and as an eco effective Pest management company with “Green Services” through National Pest Management Association.

When you choose Invader Pest Management, you choose amazing pest, termite and weed control services in Mesa that are convenient, utilize advanced materials, while reducing the environmental impact and most importantly effective pest control.  Invader Pest Management offers pest control services that you can count on delivering the Peace of Mind necessary for you, your families, employees and even the pets.

When you purchase our full service programs, you can rest assured, because if pest come back so will we – at no additional costs.

Comprehensive Pest Management Delivered With Care

There are many Mesa pest control companies out there, but many of them simply offer a one-time pest control services that may not meet your ongoing needs. Services such as Power Spraying and baseboard treatment are old fashioned methods that liberally apply chemicals with little to no thought given to the protection of the customers from unnecessary over usage of pesticides.  As the only company in Arizona to attain a partnership with the EPA through their PESP Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program, our goal is to efficiently and effectively solve your pest problems with IPM – Integrated Pest Management techniques that will offer long term insect and pest control and not more and more chemical.  As a professional in the Mesa Pest Control Service business, you can expect Invader’s service personnel to be professional and highly trained.  They will perform a pest inspection, identify your pest problems, provide a recommendation of necessary sanitation and/or debris removal, find holes, cracks and crevices that require screening and sealing to prevent pest entry, train our customers of any habits that might be causing pest infestations, and of course judicious use of the “Least Toxic” pest control materials when bugs and pests need to be controlled.

That’s where Invader Pest Management truly shines. With a complete list of services and maintenance plans that can ensure you don’t have to deal with any of Arizona’s most common pest control problems, we’ll not only work with you to solve the problem initially, but we’ll be there in the long run to help out too. Here are just a few of the pest problems in Mesa we specialize in:

Our all inclusive packages mean you get the benefit of our extensive knowledge of today’s best pest control methods, from one of Arizona’s leading Pest management companies right here in Mesa. From common residential and commercial pest control tasks to more complex choices like green pest control, IPM in Schools and LEED compliant Commercial Pest Management as well as issues with rodents and even birds, we can not only ensure your environment is pest free, and protections are in place for your family and friends, but we can also make certain you’re promoting a solid impression with your company thanks to our commercial pest control services.

A Solution for All

At Invader Pest Management, we realize that pest control in Mesa is not only something that homeowners worry about, but it is also something that business owners worry about, which is why we also work with commercial businesses in order to solve their problems as well. We realize that a pest free commercial environment is the best way to promote a positive business image and to get new customers, and so we provide a wide array of commercial pest services for business owners as well as homeowners. We specialize in IPM Integrated Pest Management for Schools, Childcare facilities, Malls, Class A Commercial Office space, Nursing and adult care facilities, warehouses and distribution centers.  We are Arizona’s premier Green Pest Management with the number one LEED compliant IPM program in Arizona.

And if you’re a Mesa homeowner and you’re trying to sell your house, then the last thing that you need to deal with is a pest problem. That’s why so many realtors contact Invader Pest Management in order to take care of any pest problem that may currently exist. We are happy to work with realtors in order to provide a pest-free home for prospective buyers to look at. We specialize in termite inspections for the sale and purchase of homes and we can even treat for termites with all methods of control and can give our popular Subterranean Termite Warranty for long term Peace of mind.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, if you’ve got pests you shouldn’t have to deal with them any longer. At Invader Pest Management we provide pest control for all sorts of situations, and pests, in Mesa, Arizona and the surrounding area.

Mesa History and Fun facts

In 1878 An 85 member LDS pioneer contingent called “The First Mesa Company” arrived from Utah and Idaho. They decided not to stay with Daniel Webster Jones’ group in Lehi and moved southward and began to clear out the Hohokam canals.

They marked off land and immediately began work clearing the original Hohokam canals; water entered the canals in April. On July 17 1878, There is some confusion about early names for Mesa because the Post Office used different ones, however, the town itself was always called Mesa City.

In 1889, the Post Office Department finally allowed the name Mesa City. Dr. A.J. Chandler, who later started the city bearing his name south of Mesa, enlarged the Mesa Canal with heavy machinery in 1895. Dr. Chandler also built the first office complex in Mesa using the first evaporative air cooling system in Arizona. Moreover, he started an electric power plant. The City of Mesa purchased the utility company in 1917, becoming one of the few cities in Arizona to own utilities.

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