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Phoenix Pest Control

Pest Control in Phoenix Arizona

Phoenix Arizona is an amazing city that covers a very large area. Within an area the size of Phoenix can live numerous types of insects, rodents, birds and wildlife. Among this list, you are certain to have pest control issues if one or many of these animals decide to invade your home or business.
Many 1000’s of customers have utilized our services for over 20 years in Phoenix to protect their homes and business from all forms of pests.
With a proven track record and positive reviews, and one of the strongest guarantees in the business, you can rest assured that when you choose Invader Pest Management, you have made the right choice.

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It’s our level of attention to your needs that truly changes the picture here, and thanks to our overwhelming dedication as one Phoenix exterminator service you can trust, we’re not only accredited by the Better Business Bureau, but we’re also members of the Arizona Pest Professional Organization and we’ve been certified eco effective in the world of Phoenix pest control by GreenPro.

When you choose Invader Pest Management, you choose amazing pest control services that are safe enough for any member of your family or even your tiniest customers.

Comprehensive Care At The Right Price

There are many Phoenix pest control companies out there, but many of them simply offer a one-time service that may not meet your ongoing needs. That’s where Invader Pest Management truly shines. With a complete list of services and maintenance plans that can ensure you don’t have to deal with any of Arizona’s most common pest control problems, we’ll not only work with you to solve the problem initially, but we’ll be there in the long run to help out too. Here are just a few of the pest problems we specialize in:

Our all inclusive packages mean you get the benefit of our extensive knowledge of today’s best pest control methods. From common residential and commercial pest control tasks to more complex choices like green pest control as well as issues with rodents and even birds, we can not only ensure your environment is safe for your family and friends, but we can also make certain you’re promoting a solid impression with your company thanks to our commercial pest control services.

Specialized Services

If you’re trying to sell or rent your home or you’re considering building a new one, you need a bit of help few other Phoenix pest control companies can provide, and Invader Pest Management is happy to help there too. After all, the last thing you need is for a prospective tenant or buyer to come look at the home only to find pest infestation. We have specialized programs for realtors, property managers, and homeowners alike that can use to their advantage to prepare the house for new tenants or a big sale. We’ll even offer you an extensive warranty after the treatment is complete. It’s something few other Phoenix pest control companies can manage, but as a full service company, it’s just another one of our many offerings.

Many of the same issues apply when you’re building a new home. Because there are so many open desert areas near Phoenix that play host to hundreds of pests, we’ll work with your contractor to develop an extensive treatment program that makes certain your new home or office is safe and ready to move in as soon as construction is finished. As a professional pest control company based in Phoenix, AZ, we are more than familiar with the types of pests new homeowners are sure to run into.

To learn more about our Phoenix pest control services, give us a call or please complete the Contact Us form. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and set up an appointment right way.

Invader Pest Management offers expert pest control services to both homeowners and business owners in Arizona, particularly those in the areas of Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Glendale, Paradise Valley, Phoenix, Peoria, Surprise, and Scottsdale. For more information about our services, you may call 623-435-0228 or visit our contact us page.

We Control or Eliminate All Phoenix Metro Pests Including:


Ant problems don’t have to bug you anymore! The pros at Invader Pest Management know how they work, where they hide and how to eliminate them from your home or business once and for all.
Get Rid of Ants


Are bed bugs invading your home and disrupting your comfort? Although bed bugs are not known for being a carrier of diseases, their bites cause unsightly rashes, and their droppings and shed skin can easily trigger allergic reactions or asthma attacks.
Kill Bedbugs

Bees & Wasps

Bees are a crucial component to our ecosystem, however knowing that at times these stinging insects can be extremely dangerous and can cause much damage, they must be properly removed to maintain a healthy coexistence.

Remove Bees


Everyone hates roaches. These unsightly home invaders are much more than an ugly nuisance, roaches carry a host of bacteria that can be harmful to humans – everything from dysentery to food poisoning!
Eliminate Roaches


Rats and other rodents in your home or office and do more damage and cause more harm than you might imagine. From diseases spread to your family and pets to the potential for damage to your interior walls and insulation, the potential risk doesn’t stop there.
Exterminate Rodents


These unwelcome guests can leave massive amounts of waste in the form of droppings, feathers and other debris that is both ugly and unsanitary.
Remove Pigeons


The mere sight of a scorpion is enough to send panic through your body. This arachnid carries a sting that is potentially deadly and remarkably painful.
Kill Scorpions


They are among the most feared insects in the world and for good reason – spiders can be dangerous! Once a spider as entered the home it is difficult to eradicate.
Spider Control

Fleas & Ticks

Fleas and ticks often go hand in hand with the family pet, and keeping them out of your home can be difficult, particularly if your pet spends a lot of time outside.
Flea & Tick Prevention


The best prevention method for mosquitoes is to call for pest control services. It is, of course, best to call your Phoenix Pest Control specialist before mosquito season hits.
Mosquito Control

At Invader Pest Management we are a recognized leader in IPM, or Integrated Pest Management. Since 1994 we have been a family owned and operated pest, termite and weed control company doing business in the beautiful state of Arizona, the state that we are very proud to call home. From the beginning we have had a long held tradition of going above and beyond. Our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations every time, and we are proud to say that we have been able to accomplish that goal every single day for the past 21 years.
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We Serve the Entire Phoenix Metro Area Including:

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