What’s all the buzz, How Harmful can they BEE?

Spring Seasonal Alert

What to watch out for this time of year:

bees nests eliminated   Invader Pest Management
Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter bring a variety of differences in our Southwest desert environment, along with extreme temperature changes, sudden downpour of rain, desert floors that turn green seemingly over night – and stinging insects. Spring and Fall are the worst times when it comes to bees and wasps in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale and surrounding Arizona Cities.

When Africanized or Killer Bees are alarmed, more of the hive emerges to chase intruders up to a mile. To protect your family and pets from potentially dangerous bee stings, it is essential that you have the bees nests eliminated. Your Invader Pest professional is trained to remove a bee colony while minimizing the risks involved.

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