Managing Bees and Wasps

For the most part, bees are beneficial insects.  Found on every continent except for Antarctica, they work hard to pollinate about one-sixth of the world’s flowering plants plus they make royal jelly and honey.  However, due to their highly effective defense mechanisms (also known as stingers) they can also be a potentially dangerous pest when they cross paths with humans.  A nest in the wrong place will often prompt a call to a Bee Keeper or a Phoenix bee exterminator.

Phoenix Bee Exterminator   Phoenix Pest ManagementMany people use the term “bees” to describe an entire class of related insects including honey bees, hornets, yellow jackets and wasps.  These insects are not the same, but they do share some common characteristics.  That troublesome stinger is one of the things they share.

In Arizona bees tend to be found in either a temporary Swarm of Bees that has landed near your home or business on a structure or simply in a tree.  Or in a permanent location in a Bee Hive created in a void like inside the walls of your home or the eaves of your home.

Managing bees and wasps is typically a task best left to a professional pest control company who is a licensed exterminator in Phoenix.  They can dangerous especially if multiple stings are received by a victim.  Many people have known allergies to the venom of this class of insect and reactions can range from mild irritation to anaphylactic shock and death.  It is possible for a severe allergic reaction to occur even if a person has no previous history of reactions.  A Phoenix pest control technician has access to methods and protective gear that a homeowner usually does not have.

Eliminating the nest is the best way to eradicate an established bee hive.  This is a messy job, but it is wise to remove the honey and honeycomb to avoid additional pests such as flies, ants and cockroaches that would become an invader in search of the food and sugars left by the honey, plus the mess that will occur when the honey melts and runs.

Extermination is only one tool that can help homeowners manage and control stinging insects.  Bee control and prevention are equally effective tools against bees and wasps.  The first step in preventing bees and wasps is to limit or eliminate the things they need to survive.

Water is one of the primary things we all need to live, including bees.  A bird bath or puddle can be an invitation to many pests.  You may notice bees stopping by for a drink and searching the area for viable nesting sites.

Exclusion techniques such as Sealing is extremely beneficial in preventing bees access to voids inside the walls and eaves of your home.  Repellants can also be good tools for keeping bees out of a void.

Traps and lures can help control bees and wasps at cookouts or during events.  They aren’t the most effective long-term measures, though.  But they can help keep bees as bay long enough to enjoy the outdoors.

Preventing infestations is always the best way to control pests.  However, should a bee hive or bee swarm be found, call a Phoenix exterminator right away.

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