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Are You Being Invaded by Indian House Crickets?

Chirp, chirp, chirp . . .That noise is enough to drive anyone mad, but before you write it off as a standard cricket, you may want to do a bit more reading. You could be dealing with the Indian House Cricket, a far more problematic species.

Why Are They Here?
Indian house crickets’ origin is Asia. However, they have cricketsmigrated to warm climates throughout the world now including the United States. These crickets are also known as house crickets. The reason they have earned this name is because they are often found at the foundations of houses. These crickets are typically light brown or beige in color. They are about ¾ of an inch to 7/8 of an inch in length.

The Symptoms of a Problem
If you are infested, the first sign you may notice is that incessant, frustrating cricket chirping noise. This noise is created by the males in an effort to attract the females. After the sound has been heard, you may start to find piles of droppings from these tiny pests. Omnivorous creatures, at night, they will come out of hiding and eat crumbs, your house plants, pet food, and other insects, dead animals, or even various fabrics in your home. They may nibble on your drywall as well.

How Are They Getting In?
You may not even see how Indian House Crickets manage to get into your home because the spaces are so small. They can squeeze under door sweeps, through tiny holes in window screens, or through holes in your foundation. Your best bet is to ensure your house is as sealed as possible if you’re looking to keep them out.

Call a Pest Control Professional Now
Indian House Crickets are nothing short of a nuisance. Phoenix pest control professionals Invader pest control, though, can help. Don’t listen to those ominous chirping noises for another single moment. Instead, call us now for an evaluation.

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