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When Bed Bugs in Phoenix Bite, They Can Have Psychological Effects

Bed bugs are one of the most common concerns among people in Phoenix, Arizona. In fact, Phoenix has been named the 28th city with the highest number of people having bed bug treatments in their homes in 2013. Waking up to hard, itchy bumps caused by bed bug bites might be difficult enough, but it’s harder to live with the constant anxiety of being subjected to bites every night.

Most people experiencing bed bug infestation will stop at nothing to get rid of these bedtime pests, with some even resorting to extreme measures like setting all their things on fire. Undeniably, people dealing with bedbugs in Phoenix are also dealing with the anxiety, stress, and other psychological effects brought about by their bites.

Why Bed Bugs Are Bothersome

Aside from bed bugs, there are numerous pests that can bother and attack a home, like mice, rats, and roaches, and homeowners have had to deal with them for years. According to Dr. Evan Rieder, a psychiatrist from the Langone Medical Center of the New York University, bed bugs bother people the most because these critters tend to violate the sanctity of the bedroom, disrupting something very personal to the human experience.

What People Experience

There had been numerous studies conducted to look into the psychological effects of bed bug infestations among people. One particular study, conducted by medical entomologist Jerome Goddard from the Mississippi State University, found that 81 percent of people sharing their experiences on forums centered on bed bug infestations were describing psychological and emotional effects similar to those of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). These include hyper-vigilance, obsessive thoughts, paranoia, and even depression.

Another study sent out questionnaires to seven different cities, asking people’s reaction to bed bug bites. Out of the 474 questionnaires completed, 29 percent of them admitted to suffering from insomnia, while 22 percent were emotionally distressed. Some 20 percent, meanwhile, said that they are now experiencing anxiety due to bed bugs. Though some of these studies were not able to factor in a participant’s prior mental state, these numbers could suggest that bed bugs can indeed disrupt sleep and cause anxiety among people.

In combating a bed bug infestation, treating your home with heat is the best way to get rid of them, and exterminators like the experts from Invader Pest Management offer this as the most effective bed bug treatment in Phoenix. With the help of exterminators, you can be assured that your nights will be peaceful, and that bed bugs won’t bite.


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