Things Are Getting Hot Now With Bed Bugs

Ok, it’s November so obviously I’m not referring to theweather.  No, I’m talking about Heat, thekind of heat necessary to control bed bug infestations.  That’s right, you can have a treatment performed by a professional pest controlcompany that offers Thermal Heat Remediation for Bed Bug control, or simply puta Bed Bug heat treatment.

Bed Bugs  Invader Pest ManagementThis is a process of bringing up the ambient temperature ofthe room(s) and personal belongings in the rooms that are infected with bedbugs to an average temperature of 120 to 135 degrees for a period of time longenough to kill adult, nymphs and eggs of bed bugs.

In order to develop the heat necessary to destroy the bedbug, a pest control company must have the necessary equipment to safely heat upthe rooms.  There are two distinctmethods used one is electric heaters and the other is propane heaters. 

First of all let me make one point clear,both types of heaters will do the job, so don’t let companies try to sell youon one or another – that’s not what you need to be worrying about, if themachine will get the heat to the area and maintain the temperature for a longenough period of time – who cares what kind of heater is being used.  You need to be careful to choose a companythat has a clear service plan that makes you feel comfortable in the Heattreatment service and their protocols of the job.

Unfortunately, bed bug treatment regardless of whether it’sa chemical treatment for bed bugs or a Bed bug heat treatment is still a lot ofwork for everybody involved.  Don’t befooled, you will have a lot of preparation to get ready for a bed bugtreatment, and a lot of clean-up to get your home back in order. 

Make sure you understand your ROLE in thisprocess.  Just as an example, most professional companies should make sureyou have a preparation checklist, thereare a lot of things that need to be removed before a heat treatment can beperformed.  Some personal articles don’thandle heat to well – candles will melt, VHS tapes, CD’s etc… could warp justas a couple quick examples, so you should make sure that whoever you choose toperform a bed bug heat treatment has properly instructed you in yourpreparation duties to prevent any possible damage from the excessive heatnecessary to eradicate the live bed bugs and their eggs.

And then there is the price, yes let’s go there one quickmoment.  First let me just say this, Iknow you have heard it before, but it always warrants being said again; are youready – IF IT SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT IS.  Please, please – do not be swayed by thelowest price when it comes to bed bugs, you’ll be sorry.  Bed Bugs are a serious pest, not soon to goaway, and especially not without a lot of hard work.  If you want a real chance at controlling yourbed bug infestation, you need to choose a company based on the Scope of Workthey put forth, the level of competence they show you, and a professionalismthat you can believe in – such as testimonials, their record, number of yearsin business, their professional agreement that includes what the job willentail. 

Never base your decision on thelow bid, that company is never the right one, and generally you will end uppaying more after a job has gone wrong, when you could have had it done rightthe first time.

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