Reasons to do Business with Invader Pest Control

We Need to “Work With Invader” Because

  1. Nobody will respond to our needs like Invader Pest Management.
    • Invader maintains regular business hours, and they always call you back.
    • Invader provides multiple means of contacting them, by telephone with a personal service representative or through immediate email response:
    • Invader’s trained technicians show up ready to address your pest control needs.
    • Invader Pest Management is an Accredited A+ rated member of the Better Business Bureau with no complaints in 16 years.
    • Invader is a family owned business, and you always appreciate the level of personal detail and customer service they offer.
  2. Invader Pest Builds Long-lasting Relationships With Their Customers.
    • Invader knows our properties and the pest control issues on those properties.
    • Invader’s staff gets to know our people so we can effectively interact with them.
    • Wow, Invader has been in business for over 16 years.
    • Finally a company who listens to us; communication is of upmost importance to us.
    • Invader asks us to communicate, even to complain if service is not to our satisfaction.
    • Invader doesn’t stress perfection, they are real people, but Invader and their staff have never let a customer down, if there is ever an issue they always have the remedy!
  3. Invader Pest Management Does It All. ONE Stop Shopping when I made the call. 623-435-0228
    • “Green” services
    • IPM protocol for LEED compliance & certification
    • General Pest Control
    • Integrated Pest Management programs
    • BEE Swarm and Hive Removal
    • Termites
    • Rodent control (mice, roof rats, gophers, pack rats, etc.)
    • Pigeon Control
    • Weed Control
    • Entomology Services – Service protocol design and development, RFQ and RFP Scope of Service preparation services, Pest investigation and Identification services, 3rd party pest control assessments
  4. Invader Services Multiple Locations.
    • Invader Pest Management  covers the entire metropolitan area including all surrounding cities.
    • I only have to deal with one pest management  company for all of my pest control needs.
  5. Invader Pest Has An Emergency Response Team.
    • Their technicians can be at our property within 1 to 2 hours of receiving an emergency call.
    • Invader comes prepared to solve our pest problems.
    • They won’t leave until the problem has been solved.
    • Invader is connected – they have a large network of business associates; if they can’t do the job, they will get someone that can.
  6. Nobody will take “CARE” of you, like Invader will take “Care” of you!

I won’t miss my chance to work with a great company who will relieve me of all my Pest Control issues at our managed properties.  I have nothing to lose when giving Invader Pest Management a chance to present us with a quote or proposal for our pest control services.

Invader Pest Management wants the opportunity to “WORK WITH YOU”

We respectfully ask that you will make Invader Pest Management one of your choices when going to bid on All Pest Control Needs for your properties.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Contact me if you will – “Give Invader An Opportunity To Work With Us”
  2. Send / email us your vendor application if you require one in advance.
  3. Place my name on your bidders mailing list for (PEST CONTROL VENDORS) today.
  4. Invite me to all Pre-Bid meetings and/or walk through.
  5. Give us your contact information to follow up with you or your property managers.
  6. E-mail me at or call me at 623-435-0228 to request a quote or bid proposal.

Some of our VIP’s and types of service locations we are currently providing services for:

Company Facilities
Vestar Development Outdoor Malls
Transwestern Commercial Office
CBRE Class A Commercial Office, Hi-Rise Buildings, Warehouses
Shea Properties Class A Commercial office, Malls, Warehouses
City of Phoenix City Properties, Maintenance facilities
City of Peoria City Properties, Admin Facilities, Fire & Police stations, Water treatment facilities
The Leona Group Charter Schools, Elementary and High School
FAA Aviation Facilities
U.S. Government Government facilities

We hold the following Licenses & Certifications:

AZ Licensed Categories

B1 – General PC \Public Health

B2 – Wood Destroying (Treat)

B3 – Right of Way\ Weeds

B5 – Turf & Ornamentals

B8 – Wood Destroying (Inspect)

PESP – U.S. EPA Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program – Member

Quality Pro

Quality Pro Schools (Built around the four key principles of Business Operations, Consumer Relations, Environmental Stewardship, and Technician Training)

GreenPro (Eco-Effective Pest Control)

DBE – Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (City of Phoenix, Tucson & ADOT)

MBE – Minority Business Enterprise (City of Phoenix)

SBE -   Small Business Enterprise (City of Phoenix)

GCMSD – Grand Canyon Minority Supplier Development Council (National organization, AZ Chapter)

8(A) Certification – Federal Small Business Entity Association (Nationally recognized)

Invader Pest Management
6087 N 57th Dr. GlendaleAZ85301 USA 
 • 623-435-0228