Bed Bugs Under the Carpet – How did they get here? How do I get rid of them?

This time of year, there is a tremendous amount of people taking vacations or simply just getting out of town to beat the heat.  Unfortunately, sometimes bed bugs can become stowaways on your luggage, clothing or bags that you bring home.   Maybe bed bugs have been calling your place home before vacation and you’ve just now realized the infestation under the carpet like the ones in the video.

Bed bugs leave a mess everywhere they go.   Talk about a bunch of sponges, these bugs will drain you, you will feel like you have been sucked dry, and you might even have spots or bites to prove it.  You will try and try to evict these bed bugs, even removing the bedding, running the wash over and over, until you finally say no more and then you consider even throwing out the beds.   Carpet cleaning won’t remove the problem either.  The only thing you need is a professional exterminator.

A Phoenix exterminator is trained in removing bed bugs safely and effectively.  You won’t want to spray your mattress or carpet with nasty chemicals, and then sleep there, would you?  An exterminator may use heat to remove bed bugs from your carpet or bed.  They will seal off the infestation, raising the temperature to 135-145 degrees Fahrenheit.  Bed bugs can’t survive in temperatures over 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

Don’t let the bed bugs bite, one more night! Call a Phoenix bed bug exterminator today.


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