Understanding Termite Problems

Perhaps no other bug strikes fear in a home or business owner’s heart quite like a termite can.  With a multitude of companies and products available for termite control, you should know that some termite treatment procedures will only keep a termite infestation at bay rather than controlling the source of the problem.  In order to get the most of the pest control services for this bug, here are a few things to keep in mind.

First, know the warning signs. Wood damage can be a clear indicator of termite problems, but often damage is buried behind walls or out of sight and you may not even know that you have termite damage or that in fact the termites have devoured the entire 2 X 4.  Also, look for small piles of wings on surfaces like window sills or Termite Control   Invader Pest Managementin spider webs, especially during the monsoon seasons – the termites and ants need certain moisture content in the air to perform their mating rituals (part of the swarming process). 

Any swarm of bugs, which will happen in mature colonies several times a year, is a brief event, but if observed, must be dealt with immediately, we don’t want to wait for a new colony to begin or and old colony to expand, call your Phoenix termite exterminator immediately.  Look for tiny fecal mounds of wood droppings or termite shelter tubes, these look like mud on a wall and if scraped away are hollow, the termites need these shelters to survive and build them everywhere they go, they are kind of a “bridges” built from their colony to their feeding grounds – any cellulose material including books, cardboard, wood and their favorite, your home.

Always act as soon as possible. If you have seen a termite, assume that there could be dozens more that you cannot see.  Waiting to deal with the problem only increases the damage done by these pests, and in some cases the damage can be irreparable. The structural integrity of your home is at risk, so it is important to move quickly. 

Termites have been known to traverse not only wood but plastic and metal siding and more – they tunnel right over the top!  Since the damage is internal first, by the time you see outward signs of damage, the infestation can be extensive and the repairs costly.  Regular home inspections by a Phoenix termite exterminator can make a significant difference.  An expert can also customize a treatment plan for your home or business.

In the Phoenix area of Arizona, most of our termites are subterranean species, meaning they live underground in the soil.  We do have small pockets of Drywood termite colonies in a number of our metropolitan cities, especially in the older neighborhoods of Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa and Scottsdale. Now these termites are totally different than the sub termites, these guys make their homes in the wood they are actually feeding from, and they require much less moisture than subterranean termites so they can get all the water they need right from the wood they are chewing.

Drywood damage is tends to be visible after termites have burrowed into the wood and left hollowed out voids beneath the paint in lots of cases, in fact they tend to be found when someone is leaning on the window sill or the infested area and the wood actually just caves in. The galleries that have been dug out by the Drywood termites tend to be very clean, and in most cases the fecal pellets will run out of the galleries when broken open. Because these termites can live in the wood alone, we tend to be very concerned about swarming of this species, because it is rather simple for them to repopulate themselves in another area of the structure or at the neighbors house. Remember, you are someone’s neighbor too, so if you have them you will spread them or vice a versa.

Termite treatment options vary.  A chemical barrier may be sprayed around the foundations of your home or business to prevent or disrupt termite colonies. Other methods include baiting, foaming voids with a termiticide infused in the foam, and now even dust formulations of termiticides that can be injected in the termite shelter tubes. Some companies have the ability to fumigate the entire house, which is one alternative for drywood termites, however localized treatment and actually removal of the colony tends to work very well along with preventative treatments to wood members.

Some products may be applied with repellant to keep the insects from returning to the home and others treatments use non-repellant technology to allow the termites to get into the termite treatment product and not even know they just walked into harms way.  Your treatment plan will depend on the inspection conducted by one of our termite control experts, and the findings at your location.

You can trust that this Phoenix exterminator – Invader Pest Management has a wide range of options to treat your home for termites, all general insects including crawling pests and flying pests as well as an arsenal of weed control products.  We strive to provide solutions that are healthy and conscientious of your family and pets while being environmental responsible. 

Invader Pest Management is fully insured and licensed and you can rest assured we will provide a customized answer to all your pest control needs and especially your termite problem.

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