Birth Control for Pigeons

Just like a commercial on TV would say, Registered By EPA!   The cool part is unlike the commercials on TV, we don’t have a scary list of side effects associated with it’s use.

Pigeon Control    Invader Pest ManagementIn fact, even The Human Society of the United States encourages the use of contraception as a safe and humane management tool for pigeon control.  This product prevents egg fertilization in pigeons and just like regular contraception, when you stop taking the pill, it’s completely reversible!

Did you know?  Just five mating pairs of pigeons can produce up to 400 pigeons in only two years!

We are an authorized user of OvoControl P which is a cost-effective and humane technology especially designed to manage pigeon flocks in larger areas without having to resort to poisons and their associated risks.

By utilizing this service we can offer a sustainable solution for long-term pigeon control.  The idea is to reduce reproduction, and since no new birds are hatching, the population of birds declines naturally and continuously.  Field studies have shown a reduction of approximately 50% of the flock on an annual basis.

This service has gotten much attention for use on large commercial building facilities, schools, colleges, malls, municipalities and Homeowners associations.

Some great benefits of using OvaControl P for Pigeons is that there is no bad PR from poisoning or aggressively killing the pigeons, even though some might say that is ok with them, there are many more who demand a humane pest management service, even though the pigeon populations may have exceeded an acceptable tolerance level. This service fits the bill, because it will not harm pigeons, pets or other wildlife, there are NO secondary hazards to raptors, and the service is based on a ready-to-use contraceptive bait that the pigeons are quickly conditioned to accept as food.

For those that have really wanted to solve their long term bird problems, this service has become an effective and economical solution that is showing better results than the expensive and sometimes not so effective bird control options such as spike, netting, spring wire, coil, etc…, that tend to neglect the current populations of pigeon flocks already established before the exclusion materials are installed.   Too many companies ignore the fact that flock dispersal must be performed with any exclusion service, if not the pigeons are just moved to a new location and the flock continues to thrive.

If you have a Pigeon problem or any Phoenix pest control issue, feel free to call Invader Pest Management for a full service pest management company that can handle all your pest control needs.  623-435-0228

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