Dealing with a Phoenix Roof Rat Problem

You watch Ratatouille and see a cute little animal. You almost forget he’s a rodent. Cartoon rats and mice are adorable critters that often play endearing or heroic roles in movies.  However, rats often pose health risks when they set up shop in your home or office. These furry four-legged rodents carry diseases, which can be passed onto you.

Don’t worry. There are ways that you can “rat proof” your Arizona property, as well as trap and eliminate roof rats that are causing you problems. The best thing to do to ensure you do not have a roof rat problem is to take precautionary measures. In which case you’ll want to talk with Phoenix roof rat control experts Invader Pest Management. Invader’s rodent control team has specialized training in locating roof rats as well as idenifying and removing the entry points. 

Let’s look at these rats. Roof rats, also known as black rats, are an amazing nuisance, especially in Arizona. They prefer the warm, dry Arizona climate. They reproduce quickly and they can carry diseases. For the most part, they are dormant during the day and are active at night, making them a difficult to combat.

Your roof rat problem starts with small cracks and openings on the exterior of your home, through rooflines, vents, pipes, and other small spaces. They nest in brush, attics, shrubs, and trees. Rats have been known to chew through plumbing, wiring, and interior insulation, creating problems even bigger than hygiene and health. These kinds of problems can cause plenty of property damage and, potentially, a fire.

As a Phoenix pest control, Invader Pest Management knows how to combat a roof rat infestation. They enlist rodent control measures that are effective, such as sealing off all possible openings in the exterior of your home and keeping tempting foods such as dog and cat food in sealed containers. Also, you may not think about this, but maintaining your yard may be one of the best ways to combat a roof rat problem. Keep the brush to a minimum. Maintain shrubbery and cacti, all of which can be fertile breeding grounds for rodents.

With all of these suggestions, you’ll be able to prevent and eliminate rats from getting into your house and potentially bringing with them health risks.  


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